How to Train a Pomeranian Puppy to Do Tricks Easily

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As you know that your Pom puppy is playful and all poof as well. Poms are known for their friendly, fun-loving, and playful little dog breeds. If we look, your Pom puppy looks almost like a little fox, with beautiful thick fur and sharp ears. Pomeranians have a small and adorable body though  they are  descendants of a larger Spitz dog.

Even though they are a perfect match to make friends with their diminishing size, Poms certainly still have the courage of a working dog with the spitz’s independent spirit. Therefore, training them to do any gorgeous tricks is such a must-do.

Before you go on training them to do any tricks, make sure the tricks can make them happy and they will be  interested in doing it. Thankfully, there are plenty of tricks that you can try to train your Pom puppy. What are they?

Sit Trick

Sit Trick Pomeranian Puppy
‘Sit’ trick is commonly the very first command that you have to teach to your Pom training. Some Pom will be smart enough to learn this trick as fast as the sitting command while others need more time to do it. At least, you’ll need about 2 – 4 weeks to achieve this goal to make sure your Pom remains in a sitting position on his hindquarters until you allow him to move.

To teach them to sit, you can try to either kneel or stand directly in front of your Pom. Hold a treat in your hand and hol it a bit higher than his head.

Afterwards, you can move the treat slowly back until it’s directly above your Pom’s head. However, it will make him point his note upward and butt will get down. If his butt does not get down, you can slowly keep moving that delicious treat backwards towards his tail. When his butt is on the ground, you can then drop the treat and tell him ‘good sit!’ in a pleased voice.

Then, if your Pom does not react to this temptation, you can put your thumb and index finger either side of his haunches in front of the hip bones. In this way, you can apply a little pressure and shake his body into a sitting position. Give a lot of praise when he completely sits.

Once your pom has been consistently sitting when told, here, waiting a few moments prior to give him a treat is a must. Then, give him a treat only ever if he is in the right sitting position.

To ‘Come’ Trick

To ‘Come’ Trick
Perhaps, this trick does not apply for some dog owners as they will come running all the time. However, the other owner really needs this trick as it’s simpler to get a toddler to obey. Your goal for this training is to make sure your dog comes to you whatever he is doing at that time.

Your command succeeds if your dog kindly comes and sits beside you. Well, it’s a direct common as you will have to physically make your dog obey to teach him to understand what he should do without harming him at all.

Don’t be surprised if your Pom refuses and it may take a long time for many training sessions before success is achieved. You should notice it’s a command which can be used for your dog’s whole life. During this training, your Pom must have a harness and leash but not collar. If not, he would be harmed especially if you tried to pull him to you. If you do not already have it, better for you to get a harness prior to carrying out this training well.

When you Pom obeys, of course, you can give him reward with a treat. Otherwise, if he does not obey your command, you cannot just say ‘whoops’. Sure, you should carry or use a leash to make your Pom come to a spot where you are standing.

Fetch Trick

Fetch Trick
The ‘fetch’ trick here is to get your Pom to chase after something you throw. Sure, it’ll be hard to teach your Pom to carry the item back and give it to you. Well, to teach your Pom to carry the item back to you, you can begin by throwing a small toy. When your pom bite the toy in his mouth, you can then call him back and show him a treat.

If you Pom does it well, you can give them a lot of praise. Giving him the treat when he comes to you is the only way you should do. Otherwise, if you Pom drops the toys, you can start the fetch trick once again.

Stay and Fetch Trick

Stay and Fetch Trick
This trick can only be done after your Pom has mastered the commands for ‘stay’ and ‘fetch’. When your pom responds to your ‘stay’ command, you can then throw a small toy. You can continue giving him lots of praise when he holds the ‘stay’ command. You should wait a couple of seconds before saying go and then your Pom will run and pick the toy.

Speak Trick

If you see that your Pom starts barking, as soon as possible you can say ‘speak’ and give him a treat. He will then start barking as soon as you say ‘speak’ after a while.

Sing Trick

This trick may be weird where you should howl just like a dog until your Pom starts howling with you. If your Pom follows you, give him rewards with treats and say ‘sing’. Keep practicing until your Pom understands to ‘sing’ command without you singing along.

Leash Trick

Leash Trick pomeranian
To train your Pom puppy to walk on a least is very crucial especially if you live in suburban and urban areas where the traffic can be a big problem. Keep in mind, your Pom puppy is not proper to use a collar and leash. So, a better option is to use a harness and leash to keep him from injuring his neck or shoulders. A leash training can also be a slow process which is reinforced with treats just like other training as we’ve listed above.

Sure, there are still a few training tricks that you can apply to your Pom puppy. Make sure to try training your Pom puppy with our tricks above.

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