How Long Can Pomeranians Hold Their Pee?

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There are some times where you have to leave your Pomeranian alone. It can be because you have to go to school, work or the other important things. When you are in this situation, you may be worried about your dog especially about their pee. How long can Pomeranians hold their pee? Let’s find out the information about it here.

How Long Pomeranians Hold Their Pee

A Pomeranian can hold their pee up to 8 hours. You have to make sure that you do not leave them more than this duration. However, if you want to leave them alone at home for more than 8 hours, you have to make sure that you prepare everything including the pee pad for your Pomeranian.

Talking about pee, there is a time where you have to train them to pee. How to train them and what preparation for it? The explanation be served below.

How Long Pomeranians Hold Their Pee
Preparation for Training Your Pomeranian to Pee

As a first time owner of a dog, you may not know what to do to train your Pomeranian to pee. So here, we will give you some explanation about the preparation that you can do to train your Pomeranian to pee.

  • You need to choose the designated area. When you train them to pee, don’t allow them to pee anywhere. You have to prepare one certain area which has been chosen by you as his bathroom area. It is better for you to provide an area of at least an 8 to 10 foot diameter. Every time you take him out, you have to bring your Pomeranian to that same area. When you choose the area, you have to think about the seasons. So, you have to choose an area which can be accessed in summer or winter. Make sure that the area is not close to a busy outdoor family area.
  • You can choose a containment method. You have to make sure that you do not allow them to free reign in either a room or the house when he is not being supervised. If you allow them to be in any room, you may see that there is pee and little piles of poo all over your home. So, when you leave them alone, it is better for you to provide them a certain space which has their needs including a space for them to pee. To create a space for them, you may be able to¬† use an indoor canine playpen. You need to know that it is not a crate. In the playpen, there will be 4 areas including a bed, food and water bowls, a toy area and also an area for pee pads.
  • You are able to choose the right reward treats. If you can give your Pomeranian rewards, Pomeranians who are trying to learn something, usually they will be more motivated to focus, be better in soaking in the knowledge, understand that they did something right and they will be waiting for the next lesson. At the end, you will have to offer a treat for each successful bathroom trip. If your Pomeranian is successfully trained, you can just say your words without having to give reward in the form of a treat. However, it is better if you sometimes give them treat rewards to reinforce lessons and to show them that you really appreciate them due to following the rules.
  • You need to choose the cue words. It is important for you to know that dogs can learn best when they are able to make the connection between words and actions. So, you have to think about the phrase that you will use each time you take your Pomeranian out to the bathroom area. Make sure that it is a short phrase because dogs pay little attention to anything passed a few syllables. You may be able to use these words to take them to pee: Get Busy, Pity-potty, Potty Time and Go Potty.

Some Methods to Train a Pomeranian to Pee Outside

According to the Wag Walking site, there are 3 methods that you can use for training your Pomeranian to pee outside. What methods are they? You are able to check them below.

The Scent Method

  • In this method, the first thing that you have to do is to make the area for pee smells so good. You have to take a bottle of potty training spray and then mark an area with it.
  • You also have to set the schedule. You are able to use a timer to set up a schedule of taking your puppy out every half hour. When it goes off, you have to take your Pomeranian directly outside on their leash to the area. So, they are able to go pee.
  • You are able to let them wander. You can give your Pomeranian time about a few minutes to go pee and when they do it. You have to make sure that you give them a treat and praise them when they do a good job.
  • You are able to take them in. If they do not go, it is okay. You are able to take them back in the house and rry again in fifteen minutes. If they go, you can appreciate them by praising and giving a treat.
  • You have to keep working it until they learn to hold themselves.

The Timed Method

  • You have to get a timer. You can use a kitchen timer and then set it to 30 minutes. When it goes off, you can take your Pomeranian out. If you find that they go potty, you can give them a treat and praise as well.
  • You have to extend the time. If they have mastered waiting for half an hour to go potty, you can start adding more time to the clock.
  • You have to make sure that you praise them and give them treats every time they go pee or poop outside.
  • You have to keep a close eye on your Pomeranian. You have to keep a very close eye on them when they are in your house.
  • If in the training process there is an accident, never scold them. You can use an enzymatic cleaner to remove all traces of the mess and keep working on the training.

The Leash Method

  • You have to choose a location in your yard for your Pomeranian to go potty.
  • You have to choose cue words and use them every time you take them outside to pee.
  • You have to pop your Pomeranian on the leash. By doing it, they know that they must go outside.
  • You must give them the cue and take them outside to go potty. When they go, you can praise and reward them.
  • You have to do it regularly. You can set a schedule to take them out every half hour at first and take them out on schedule.
  • You have to do it repeatedly. You have to take your time until your Pomeranian can be confident to do this.

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