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Milk is sometimes required for Pomeranian puppies who are under one month old. In the first month, your puppy should only suckle from its mother’s milk. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances that cause Pomeranian puppies to not be able to suckle from their mother.

Those circumstances are such as death of the mother, poor health of the mother, large numbers of puppies and puppies who have to fight with others to get milk from their mother. If one of the circumstances happens, then the smaller and / or weak Pomeranian puppy will need replacement milk rather than no milk at all.

Here, not all milk replacers are of the quality your Pomeranian puppy really needs. Some may harm your Pom puppies. Be selective in choosing the milk replacers for your Pom puppy is a must for you. So, what is the best milk for your Pom puppy? To know about it, let’s see our post below!

best milk Pomeranian Puppy
Is Milk Replacer Good for Your Pomeranian Puppy?

If indeed your Pomeranian puppy cannot get milk from its mother, sure, milk replacers can be your option. However, you should notice not to give them too much milk. Because he is very young, this might upset his digestive system. It’s better to give your Pom puppies milk about 3 – 4 times a day.

Before you go on giving milk replacers to them, make sure to consult a veterinarian or animal nutritionist so you can make sure your puppy is receiving enough of the proper nutrition. Of course a veterinarian will give you ideas about other possible supplements that may be needed or even recommend some best milk replacers product which is proper for your Pom puppies.

You also need to use commercially prepared milk replacers for some time. Checking the quality of those items is a must. Aside from that, trying to make sure the Pomeranian puppies who really need the milk the most should be given first.

When choosing a milk substitute for your Cell Pomeranian puppy, make sure it contains the nutrients your Pom puppy needs. Small puppies whose mothers refuse them to be breastfed must grow up healthy. Milk replacers generally contain the nutrients Pomeranian puppies need, even though the reality is only a few.

In fact, most milk replacers contain a low of calcium and balance of phosphorus with calcium is not appropriate. Not only low numbers of calcium, milk replacers only contain insufficient fatty acids, ARA and DHA. Otherwise, what is found to be higher in milk replacers than breast milk is the level of sugar/ lactose.

This post will also show you a bunch of recommended milk replacer products for your Pom puppies. Here you go!

  • Beaphar Lactol

Beaphar Lactol
The first recommended milk replacers product for your Pom puppy is Beaphar Lactol. This product is totally the best milk replacers for newborn puppies. Made from whey products, it makes it too easily digested by puppies. The taste of this milk is so close to natural mammals’s milk, so your Pom puppy will not notice any difference at all.

Beaphar Lactol has been produced for over 100 years as a milk replacer which has successfully saved numerous littled animals who have been orphans. This milk is good for 1.5 kg puppies.

  • Nutri-Vet

The second recommended milk replacer is Nutri-Vet milk replacement which is enriched with colostrum for your Pom puppies. This milk replacer contains all essential amounts of protein, fats and also carbohydrates. It also has some important nutrients such as amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

You can use it not only for puppies, but also for adult Pomeranian in order to help meet the increased nutritional requirements while a pet has gestation and during pregnancy. This milk replacer can save her life, if you have an orphan puppy or her mother doesn’t want to bring anything.

  • Ultra 24

Ultra 24
Ultra 24 milk replacement is actually universal, not only for dogs. Baby pigs , calves, lambs, elk calves and even llama crias can also consume this milk. Having exclusive magic crystal technology certainly makes it one of the best milk substitutes. With a protein formula, this will keep your puppy healthy and stable, and their immune system will be strengthened. You can also use it as a dry powder supplement.

  • Thomas Lab

Thomas Lab
Thomas Lab milk replacer is enriched with immune milk colostrum powder which can boost immunity of nursing animals. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals, milk colostrum powder and fats.

As containing additional antibacterial factors, sure, it’s very important for you to give this milk replacer to your Pom puppy. In serving this milk, you should mix one volume powder with three volumes water. Keep in the fridge if you do not use all formula and use it in the next 24 hours.

  • Pro-Biolac

This milk replacer is wonderful to use as it will supply all nutritional elements that your Pom puppy needs to grow. Aside from milk replacement, Pro-Bio can also be used as a food supplement when they need healthier nutrition for their diet. This product also has a bunch of natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry to give them this milk.

Well, those are top 5 milk replacers that you can give to your Pomeranian puppies.

Side Effects When You Give Milk Replacers to Your Pom

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA) Journal, milk replacers actually raise two concerns. This study openly claimed  that milk replacers is not a full substitue for breast milk. It’s because the milk replacers contain a few nutrients which are not enough for your puppy. If you only give them milk replacers, your Pom may get malnutrition.

Aside from that, milk-based products can raise diarrhea and other digestive issues which may happen to your Pom puppy. Milk can also cause food allergies for your Pom if you feed them regularly. The most common issue of this type of allergy is itching. Of course you have to be careful about giving milk replacers to your Pomeranian puppy and make sure you choose the best product which contains rich formula.

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