How to Calm Down a Hyper Pomeranian

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If you have a hyper Pomeranian dog that is making you crazy, you do not need to panic. By applying the principle of positive reinforcement, you will be able to calm your hyper Pomeranian dog.

Pomeranian dogs are cute and lovely creatures to be part of your family. They are a hyperactive breed of dogs. They are really energetic and sometimes you might want to calm them down. Here are some of the common issues Pomeranian owners face from day to day.

  • Pomeranian dog will not stop barking.
  • Pomeranian wants to go outside the house all the time.
  • Pomeranian is too clingy.
  • Pomeranian always chases after your cat.
  • Pomeranian chews on everything in sight.
  • Pomeranian pees and poops anywhere.

How to Calm Down a Hyper Pomeranian
Why is Pomeranian dog so hyper?

You may be fooled into thinking Pomeranian dogs are going to spend every day sitting quietly and calmly. But, nothing could be further from the truth. They have boundless energy, barking at shadows, running around inside your home, jumping up and down at your feet. It is common for Pomeranian dogs who are very active to be labeled as hyperactive. If your Pomeranian dog can be described in this way, you will need to give him more exercise, both physical and mental, so he tires faster. Pomeranian owners have to learn how to calm down a Pomeranian dog.

How to calm your hyper Pomeranian dog?

First, you will need to set aside some time through the day to get some exercise in for your Pomeranian dog. Need to know that exercise is one of the most effective ways for calming down a hyper Pomeranian dog. Being able to dedicate at least thirty minutes out of your usual schedule will make a difference. After you have done that, you are able to find a space in your home where your Pomeranian dog will be able to settle to calm down. Put this in the same spot every day and give some treats to help encourage its use on a regular basis.

The ignoring way

  • Watch for poor manners

Some Pomeranian dogs have a tendency to get hectic or ambitious during play time. Thus, you have to keep an eye on yours to catch the bad behavior when it occurs.

  • Stop play time when things get too insane

If your Pomeranian dog shows signs of not knowing how to play appropriately and uses tactics like jumping up or pawing aggressively, you have to take a step back and end play time to allow her know that her behavior is not tolerated.

  • Do not recognize bad behavior

Remember that negative attention can be seen as encouraging to a poorly behaved Pomeranian dog. Stop this issue in the bud by not looking at, touching, or talking to your dog for some moments.

  • Wait for the pause

Your Pomeranian dog will likely stop and look at you, expecting play time to continue. You have to wait until he has calmed down to assess the situation before turning back to her.

  • Resume play when appropriate

After your Pomeranian dog is calm, you may continue to play with him. This will help your dog recognize that play time will only occur when he plays appropriately.

The work out method

  • Schedule your exercise

You have to set aside a certain time each day for some exercise. For your Pomeranian dog, this can be at least thirty minutes a day or as much as an hour or two hours. Please set his energy level to decide how much exercise he might require per day.

  • Play inside games

You are able to use your dog’s size to your advantage. Please play small games of fetch inside the home or play with other toys to keep things fun and exciting, even if the day is spent indoors.

  • Practice tricks

Usually, your Pomeranian dog will need some mental stimulation to follow his exercise. You are able to practice fun tricks or obedience commands to keep him distracted and busy.

  • Go for a swim

If your Pomeranian pup likes fond of the water, you are able to buy a small kiddy pool and set it up in the backyard for him to go for a swim. But, you have to supervise him around any water, because toy breeds may not be the best swimmers.

  • Try a sport

Small dogs are able to excel at some sports like agility or fly ball. If your Pomeranian dog is the athletic sort, you have to consider involving him in a dog sport. This will burn lots of energy and ensure he stays active and healthy.

The calm space method

  • Determine a quiet area

You have to discover a quiet area in your home that you are able to use for your Pomeranian to relax and settle down. This must be in a room away from the normal hubbub of the day.

  • Set up for comfort

You have to place a doggy bed or some blankets down to make the space comfortable and peaceful.

  • Encourage quiet time

You have to offer treats to encourage your dog to use this space to calm down. Do not forget to reward him for staying in the area for a little while by offering affection or small treats. There must be good associations with the area.

  • Share your energy

Pomeranian dogs may often share the energy of their owner in the moment, and your energy may do this as well. You are able to calm down your Pomeranian dog when you are calm. It will help him calm down as well.

  • Schedule quiet time every day

You must have a certain time of day when you can ask your pup go into the quiet space for quiet time. Usually, a regular routine can help him know when it is time to settle in and take a break.

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