How to Keep a Pomeranian Entertained

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Activities are needed by a Pomeranian to keep them entertained. However, you may wonder the types of activities that can be done by Pomeranians to keep them entertained. You are able to read about activities that keep a Pomeranian entertained below.

Activities For Keeping a Pomeranian Entertained

There are a number of activities that can keep a Pomeranian entertained as you are able to check below according to the Bark Spot site.

How to Keep a Pomeranian Entertained

  • Playing Fetch
    Playing fetch is liked by dogs including Pomeranian. This game can be done in various ways and it may entertain the Pomeranian. However, before a Pomeranian plays it, they must be introduced to the ball or the object. Then, to start, toss it a short distance and give a command like ‘Get the ball!’. When the Pomeranian brings the object, praise them and give them treats.
  • Playing with Puzzle Toys
    Mini Pomeranian usually like games where their intelligence is used. However, the most effective puzzles are puzzles that have treats. The main feature of any puzzle is the Pomeranians must do some actions to solve the problem. This game is suitable if the Pomeranian needs to entertain itself. There are a variety of puzzle toys in all shapes and sizes, but the point is that when buying the toys, the materials must be durable and safe. Some of the puzzle toys are Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy, Intermediate; Trixie Dog Activity Flip Board | Level 2 Dog Puzzle | Interactive Toy for Beginners; JW Hol-ee Roller Dog Fetch Treat Dispenser Puzzle Ball; Dog Puzzle Toys, Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys for IQ Training and Mental Enrichment, Dog Treat Puzzle and many more.
  • Playing Hide and Seek
    You can hide one of the Pomeranian’s favorite items. When they are trained, let them see you hide the item for the first few times you play. After you do that, you have to use a consistent command like ‘go get it!’. When they find the object, praise them and give them a treat. Even you can make the treat as the object that they have to find.
  • Tug of War
    This game can be a good game for a Pomeranian to express their feisty spirit in a healthy and positive way. By playing this game, it provides a unique opportunity for exercise and also for obedience training. For this game, there are some rules and boundaries. This game is ideal if using a stick or rope. However, the Pomeranian may also want to use one of their stuffed toys as long as it is sturdy enough. When you start this pulling contest, the dog is convinced it is going to win. So, let them win so that it will build their confidence and make them want to play it again and again. When playing this game, make sure that the tug object is long enough to make a good separation between your hand and the mouth of the dog. Some of the tug of war ropes in marketplaces are Mammoth Flossy Chews Color Rope Tug – Premium Cotton – Poly Tug Toy for Dogs – Interactive Dog Rope Toy – Tug Dog Chew Toy; Pacific Pups Products – Dog Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers – Set of 11 Nearly Indestructible Dog Toys – Bonus Giraffe Rope Toy – Benefits Nonprofit Dog Rescue and many more.
  • Playing Shell Game
    This game is an alteration of hide and seek. However, this game provides Pomeranian with a more focused framework for using its senses and memory to discover an object. To play this game, you can take three or four plastic cups and do it when your dog does not see it. Then, hide an object under one of the cups. By giving a consistent command, you have to ask them to discover the object. After the Pomeranian does it, praise them and give them treats after they find the object.
  • Playing Obstacle Course
    Obstacle courses can be designed by yourself by using common household items. When you create it, be creative. You can create tunnels under chairs and tables and then throw a blanket on top for additional effect. Pomeranian will like jumping over small objects so that you can make small objects that they have to jump over. If the course has been set up, then you are able to place a treat at the end of it.
  • Playing Name That Toy
    To play this game, you have to lay some toys in front of the Pomeranian. However, you have to make sure that the items are different such as bone, squeaker, rope and some other items. Then, you have to identify and point to the toy that you want them to find. After you have pointed out, you are able to use the command like ‘Find the bone’ to tell them. When they do it, praise and reward them. To do it successfully, practice is needed so that the Pomeranian can be familiar with all the toys.
  • Playing Chasing Bubbles
    Bubbles are things which are fun to be chased by Pomeranian. There are a lot of bubbles which are non-toxic to dogs. For producing the bubbles, you can use a bubble wand or gun and you can play it with Pomeranian in the park or backyard. One of the items for producing bubbles that you can use is Doggy Incredibubbles.
  • Playing Hula Hoop
    Mini Pomeranian cannot swing a hula hoop around their hips. However, the Pomeranian can run around and play games in it. The hoop can be set on the ground. Then, put a ball in the center and give a command for the Pomeranian to get the ball. You can ask them to drop the ball and move out of the hoop. If they follow your command, you can praise and reward them. Then, you can get the hoop and move it to another location and repeat the exercise. The dog will get exercise running into the hoop and the dog will also associate the hoop as a fun thing. If they have been acclimated to the hoop, the Pomeranian can learn how to jump through a hoop that you are holding up. When it is done, you have to keep the hoop low.

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