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When you are walking in a park, you may see someone who is walking a boo Pomeranian dog. When you see the dog, you may think that it is cute and then you wonder about the price of that kind of dog in India. Well, you are able to read the information about Boo Pomeranian dog prices in India below and also some other information about Boo Pomeranian dogs.

The Price for Boo Pomeranian Dog in India

According to the Dogs Cares site, the price of a Boo dog in India is around Rs.42,000 and Rs. 82,000. However, the prices may vary because there are a number of factors which can make a dog’s price different from a dog to another dog. Here is the estimation of boo dog price in India according to the Dogs Cares site.

  • In Mumbai
    The price of a boo Pomeranian dog in Mumbai may be higher if it is compared with the other cities. For the champion’s quality puppy, the price is around Rs. 82,000. However, you can also find a puppy where it costs around Rs 42,000 to 52,000.
  • In Delhi
    The price’s range for Boo in Delhi is around Rs. 42,000 to Rs. 78,000.
  • In Bangalore
    In Bangalore, the boo dog costs around Rs. 76,000 and it is for the champion’s quality. Generally, the price of a boo dog is around Rs.52,000 to Rs. 82,000.

Boo Pomeranian Dog Price in India

Things to Know About Boo Pomeranian Haircut

Boo Pomeranian haircut is also called teddy bear cut where most of the Pomeranian’s body is shaved, but in the dog’s face, it is cut in round or square cutting. By having this cut, it makes the Pomeranian more adorable but, you should know that this cut can cause permanent damage to the coat of the dog.

To make this haircut, the body of the Pomeranian is cut down to its inner coat so that it results in a soft and short layer of body fur. The head and the face fur of the dog is cut and the cut is shaved to be round. When a Pomeranian’s fur is cut like this, their fur is shaved into their inner coat. Do you know that Pomeranian have double coats? Those double coats consist of outer ‘guard hair’ which is longer and the texture is coarser and the inner coats which are soft and dense. These double coats help protect the Pomeranian from the elements. Besides, the coats also function for regulating the temperature of their body. If the fur is cut like this, the outer guard hairs were removed completely besides having the inner coat by 50% as explained on the All About Poms site.

The owner of the Pomeranian needs to think twice before they decide to have this cut for their Pomeranian. It is because if they let the dog have this cut, it is able to damage the inner coat of the Pomeranian where it may result in the fluffy double coat not growing back according to the All About Poms.

To make this haircut for a Pomeranian, it is very difficult to do and it must be done by a professional groomer who always does a boo haircut. If it is done by an amateur, a mistake may happen. Besides, to create this haircut, the groomer also needs a lot of steps and grooming tools. According to the All About Poms site, here are some things which are done by the groomer to create a boo look on a Pomeranian.

  • The groomer washes and brushes the Pomeranian’s coat.
  • After that, he shaves the first rough cut of the dog’s fur.
  • Then, he does detailed grooming and shaving to even up the dog’s coat.
  • He then cuts around the face to give a rounded look.
  • He also cuts the dog’s paws.

You may wonder whether it is safe for the Pomeranians to have a boo haircut. Well, according to the All About Poms site, it can be dangerous for the Pomeranian to have this cut. The reason is because it may be able to damage the natural fully double coat permanently, whereas this double coat helps protect them from the outside elements and helps regulate the temperature of their body. Besides, when the pomeranian’s fur is shaved to be boo cut, they will be at a high risk for sunburn, frostbite, heatstroke, and hyperthermia. It does not stop there. If the dog’s fur which is very close to the skin is cut, the dog will be at risk for cuts and infections.

It is important for you to note that when something is done to an animal, you have to think about their emotional wellbeing. When grooming, you also have to think about it. For your information, a Pomeranian has a natural coat where it is full of beautiful fur and if you remove it, it can change the way the dog feels and also it can even damage their confidence and personality as explained on the All About Poms site. Let’s say that the dog always had its fur and then now you remove all of it. Then, the dog may be shocked.

That’s the information about boo hairstyles for Pomeranian. By the way, it is better for you not to have a dog, whatever dog it is particularly if you are a muslim since a muslim is forbidden to have a dog.

Now, let’s find out the history of Boo Pomeranian below.

The Boo Pomeranian History

As explained on the Dogs Cares site, Boo was born on March 16th, 2006 in San Francisco, Originally, the coat of Boo was thick, long, silky, and smooth, the same as the other Pomeranian. Then, the owner of Boo cut the hair neatly in 2009. Boo has had a Facebook fan page since early 2010. However, at first, he was not very popular. And in October 2010, a singer named Kesha posted a tweet that she had a new boyfriend and she linked to the Boo page.

According to Wikipedia, as of 2020, Boo has 16 million likes on Facebook. For your information, the owner of Boo is Irene Ahn, a Facebook employee. On January 18th, 2019, Boo died.

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