How Long Can a Pomeranian Go without Eating

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Just like humans, dogs also need three main things to live, they are food, water and air. Of course, in order to stay healthy and strong, your Pom should eat a balanced and adequate diet. Then, how if your Pom does not want to eat? And how long can he go without eating?

You may worry seeing your lovely Pom not eating. As long as your Pom’s gesture shows he’s fine, it does not matter. Your Pom can survive for a while without food. However, you should also find out the reasons why they may not be eating.

Thankfully, this post will answer your curiosity for something wrong happening to your Pom. Let’s get started!

How Long Can a Pomeranian Go without Eating
Generally, most healthy dogs can survive without eating up to five days. This number is totally true if your dog is still drinking numerous amounts of water. Some dogs even can go up to seven days without carrying them to the vet.

While, if your dog is not healthy, he will likely be worse for the wear after going five days without food. The most dogs probably can survive without food is three days, less without water.

Therefore, there are some factors which influence how long your Pom dog can survive without foods, they are:

  • Dog’s Age

As we know the number of nutritions that your dogs need depends on their age. As a rule of thumb, younger dogs will need more nutrients than older dogs. So, their survival naturally depends on the amount of nutrients needed.

  • Dog’s Size

As we’ve mentioned, the larger dogs will need more energy which comes from food to survive. It means the larger the dogs, the more food they need to live. Larger dogs will not be able to survive without eating for a long time.

  • Dog’s Activity Level

If your dog is extremely active, it means that he will need more nutrients to survive. Well, an active dog cannot live longer without eating.

  • Dog’s Health Issue

Health issues can also be an influential factor to determine how long your Pom can go without foods. Generally, dogs who have a lot of health issues, sensitivities and more cannot go long without eating. The survival of dogs with health issues will be less.

  • Dog’s Breed

Breed such as the Great Dane, German Shepherd, and more really need a lot of food to survive. Otherwise, small breeds such as Maltese, Poodle, Pomeranian and more will be fine longer without food.

Why Is Your Pom Dog Stop Eating?

Sure, there are a bunch of reasons why your Pom dog stops eating. Some dogs may only require to visit the vet and others probably need a more lengthy healing process. At least, there are two main causes why your Pom stops eating, they are medical conditions and mental conditions. Each of them will be explained below!

Caused by medical conditions

If your dog is not feeling well medically, they will certainly lose their appetite altogether. Here are most common medical conditions which may happen to your Pom:

  • Infection
  • Allergies
  • Upset stomach
  • Parasites
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Gingivitis or other dental issues
  • Pain due to wounds or arthritis which is more common in adult dogs.
  • Serious conditions like cancer, organ failure, diabetes, more. These conditions really need the most urgent case as soon as possible.

If you already know that your Pom is suffering from any of those medical conditions, sure, his lack of appetite may be caused by them.

Caused by mental conditions

Aside from medical conditions, your Pom dog which lacks appetite can also be caused by mental conditions such as depression and anxiety. Sure, these symptoms also occur when it happens in humans who are suffering from those illnesses.

  • Depression

If your Pom is suffering for depression, he may will exhibit all of these symptoms below:

A depressed dog is not as playful as active as other dogs.

Their sleeping schedule may also change. They will sleep all day and night, or only sleep in the day or don’t sleep at night or even don’t sleep at all. It will raise irritability over time.

Don’t care about things they once loved. When your Pom rejects for something that he initially loved, or he doesn’t have their lovely toy that he usually plays with, if so, he may have depression.

Well, if you notice for all symptoms in your Pom dog, the best way that you can do is to go to the vet and have all other things ruled out first. If you Pom is diagnosed with depression, the vet may give certain medications or a treatment regimen to help your Pom recover. Talking to your vet about your Pom diets and eating habits is a must for you.

  • Anxiety

Anxiety is surely categorized as a mental issue. If your dog is suffering anxiety, your dog tends to be a bit more volatile. The behaviours that he will exhibit when anxiety include:

  • Barking
  • Growling
  • Hiding
  • Aggression
  • Trembling
  • Trying to run away constantly
  • Tucking his tail between his legs
  • Aversion to being touched
  • Inability to go outside without panicking

Well, those are pretty signs when your dog is anxious. When one of them or all signs occurs in your Pom, it would be better for you to take him to a vet. Sure, your vet will look for the best course of the treatment or give you medication or any tips to keep your Pom calm in the future.

Here are some methods you can do:

  • Make sure to spend more time with your Pom. The most common anxiety in dog development comes from being separated from his owner for a longer time. It will happen when you work or travel a lot.
  • Introduce the world around him as the socialization process early. If it’s harder for your dog to get along with other people and animals later on.
  • Give your Pom some spaces which are away from loud noises and people. You can also dedicate a space of your home for your Pom to go when he’s too afraid of the world around him. Dim the lights a little can give him peace.

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