Can Pomeranian Live in Hot Weather?

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You may just have a Pomeranian. Then, when it comes to summer, you may want to invite them to go to the beach to accompany you to sunbathe. Or, you may just move to a city which has hot weather and you wonder whether it is good for your Pomeranian to live in hot weather or not. So, can Pomeranian live in hot weather?

Whether or Not Pomeranian Can Live in Hot Weather

If you live in a high temperature which means hot weather, it can put any dogs at risk for a heat-related illness. Even Pomeranians are more susceptible to suffering from heat stroke than short haired breeds or bigger breeds. Why are Pomeranians more susceptible? It is because they have thick coats.

Can Pomeranian Live in Hot Weather
It is important for you to know that Pomeranians came from Arctic climates. They were bred to be able to live in a cold weather. So, is there any way that we can do to handle this?

You are able to handle the heat stroke by keeping your Pomeranian cool. How to make your Pomeranian keep cool? There are some methods that you can try to apply as we explain below.

The Methods to Keep Your Pomeranians Cool

There are some methods to apply for your Pomeranian to make them cool in a hot weather. Those are listed below.

  • You are able to turn on your fan at home at full speed. By doing it, you let the breeze cool your Pomeranian and even it can make your Pomeranian sleep.
  • You are able to give them some frozen treats. You surely agree that almost all people like eating ice cream. Well, dogs also like ice cream. You are able to put watermelons and yoghurt in the freezer and then give them to your Pomeranian when it is cool. This food will manage the heat and keep them cool and happy.
  • You are able to cover your Pomeranian with a wet towel. By covering your Pomeranian with a wet towel, it will transfer the heat of the Pom’s body to the towel.
  • You are able to apply cooling vests and cooling mats for your Pomeranian. You can buy cooling mats. At first, you are able to put the mats in the fridge. After that, you are able to take it when your dog needs it. There are some mats which have the ability to regulate its temperature by the touch of a button.
  • You have to keep your Pomeranian hydrated. There are a lot of people who think that their dogs will be able to manage the need of water for themselves. The fact is that there are a lot of dogs who have trouble with it. When it is hot outside, a Pomeranian will pant more. They do it to help cool off. In each breath of them, the moisture is lost. So, if they are not given access to cool, fresh and clean water, it can make your Pomeranian become dehydrated. So, here are the things that you are able to do. First, you have to provide water for your Pomeranian. If your Pomeranian likes to play around in your backyard, you can put a water bowl there. If you bring your Pomeranian to walk, to ride or anywhere away from the house, you canĀ  bring water. You can use something like the Lesotc Foldable Water Bottle for Dogs which has a fold-over food-grade silicon lid which serves as the bowl. So, it will make you easier to tote water around with you.

If you have a plan to bring your Pomeranian to go out, here are the things that you can do to make them cool.

  • You are able to turn on the garden sprinkler. So, you can make it like a rain. By doing this, it will make your dog cool and even it will be good for exercise.
  • If you want to bring your Pomeranian for a walk, you can do that only in early morning or late evening. These times are the conditions when the temperature is still cool. When you walk with them and then you find that they pant more than usual, you are able to slow down, bring them to shade, stop there and rest for a while.
  • You have to bring more drinking water when you take your Pomeranian out. If you want to encourage your Pomeranian to drink more, you are able to try to chill water in the refrigerator. Alternatively, you are able to add ice cubes to the water bowl.
  • You are able to trim the fur of your Pomeranian shorter than normal. As you know that the fur of Pomeranians is thick. So, you are able to trim it to maximize air flow and cooling. However, you have to make sure that you do not cut it too short. If you do that, it will expose their skin to the sun and it will lead to sunburn.
  • You are able to take your Pomeranian to swim in the lake near your house. If you want, you are able to buy a cheap doggy pool. By swimming, it can cool your Pomeranian from the heat of summer. However, if you make them swim in the lake, before you throw your Pomeranian into the lake, you have to make sure that your Pomeranian can swim. You can train them to swim in a pool first.

Some Signs That Pomeranians Are Overheating

The methods above can help your Pomeranians to keep cool. If you do not do the things above in a hot weather, your Pomeranian may suffer from overheating. Here are the signs that your Pomeranian suffers from overheating.

  • They pant very hard.
  • They are confused and they are moving sluggishly.
  • When you check their tongue and gums, they are bright red.
  • They are weak and uncoordinated.
  • They are drooling excessively.

So, it is important for you to make your Pomeranian cool when they are in a hot weather, especially in summer so that they will not suffer from overheating.

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