What is the Best Food to Feed a Pomeranian

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If we talk about Pomeranian best food, sure, we’ll be pushed into an extremely controversial topic. Why? It’s because every Pomeranian owner really has their own ideas for the best food to feed their Pom. Sure, if you’re first time looking for the best food for your Pom, it may be a bit hard to conclude.

So, it’s a bit hard to conclude what the best food for your Pomeranian is as every Pom may need a certain nutrient amount. The main factors you should notice is that your Pom really needs calorie-rich food which contains a very high quality. Meaning, make sure feeding them to make ends meet their needed-calories.

What is the Best Food to Feed a Pomeranian
Best Food for Pomeranian, What Is It?

Since you have been a Pomeranian for a longer time, you may already know the best food for them. Along with taking care of your Pom, you may ever try to create your own food recipe for your Pom. We think that you found any wealth of advice which is related to the best food for your Pom.

In addition, the best food for your Pom will be related to the quantity of fillers in determining between bad, good and best food. In this case, the digestive track of your Pom puppy will process a lot of proteins, not carbs.

Before the 1930s, dogs were commonly fed meat and garden vegetables. Then, in 1930, the dog foods were introduced into the canine marketplace. The foods here were packed in various cans which contained cereals and grain rejected by USDA. Well, those canned dog foods could be mentioned as handy choices for dog foods for Pom and other dogs.

The point is, Pomeranian really love homemade food, meaning the best food for them. Of course, if you feed them homemade food, it’s important for you to take care of nutrients. Yoru Pom really needs good quality protein in their diet. In this case, not all fat and protein is the same. So, make sure to choose the best quality ingredients to cook homemade food for your Pom.

Ideally, the best food for Pomeranian and other dogs will contain a couple of meat proteins in a serving. The main ingredients for Pomeranian homemade food should be whole meats and meat meals. Of course, you shouldn’t feature grain or some carbohydrate sources as the main ingredients to make homemade food. Well, the whole meat here refers to some sources, including whole chicken, beef, fish and lamb.

Aside from protein, Pomeranian also needs fat from good sources. Sure, some vitamins are only fat-soluble and your Pom will need them in their food. Just like protein, the quality of fat is depending on the source. Of course, you should look for great quality fat such as chicken fat.

Other fats also provide nutrients such as fish oil that contain omega-3 fatty acid to help your Pom skin and coat healthy.

Here are some ingredients that you can use to make homemade food for your Pom:

  • Lean meat including chicken, beef, fish and lamb
  • Organs including liver, kidney and brains
  • Sweet or regular potatoes
  • Spinach
  • Baby carrots
  • Zucchini
  • Broccoli
  • White or Brown rice
  • Pasta
  • Meat

Certainly, all ingredients above must be an ideal balance of proteins, fats, vitamins and carbohydrates in your Pom diet. Here’s for a more specific amount!

  • 40% meat
  • 30 % starch
  • 30 % vegetables

How about dry food or store-bought food? How to determine the portion? Well, if you give your Pom dry food, you can use the right amount of food explained below!

Sure, the amount of food that you should feed to your Pom depends on the size, age, metabolism and activity level. It means that you cannot give the amount of food in the same serving. The recommended daily amount for an average Pomeranian adult is about ¼ to ½ cup of high-quality dry food that you can give in two meals.

  • 1 pound puppy needs 1/2 cup of food
  • 3 pounds puppy needs 1 cup of food
  • 5 pounds puppy needs 25 cups of food
  • 6 pounds puppy needs  2 cups of food

Senior Pom, pregnant Pom and inactive Pom diets should be changed according to their needs after consulting a veterinarian. However, this number will increase during the growth and  decrease when they are fully mature.

When your Pom is 6 months old, they will need 3 – 4 meals per day. Then, a Pom which has a small stomach will need a small portion of food. Of course, every dog has a unique size, activity level and metabolism.

Need to know, Pomeranian will burn calories at a faster rate as compared to various other dog breeds. Pom really have high energy levels which require food at regular intervals. A growing Pom puppy has to be fed three to four meals a day. When a dog has become an adult, he must be fed the same amount of food two meals a day.

Things to Notice When Feeding Your Pom

In a way of feeding your Pom, please use your brain. If your Pom puppy stops eating after 5 minutes to 15 minutes, it means that he’s already full. Otherwise, if your Pom eats the whole meal in 10 minutes and wants more, you can give them another ¼ cup.

After 6 months of age, you should drop them from 4 meals to 3 meals or to 2 meals a day. After your Pom is 1 year old, he is an adult and you should change his food to adult food over the next 6 months. As an adult Pom, he may eat 1 or 2 meals a day depending on how much he can eat at one time. If it is 2 meals, it is half of the food at each meal, not double the meal. The stomach is sensitive so it slowly makes the volume of food increase. You can give your Pom a treat at any age.

Of course, you need to control how much they eat because some dogs will eat everything you give them. The dog food and treats should only be given as gifts. Then it will be easier to practice it. If you do it all the time, it will mean nothing.

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