What Color Pomeranian is the Most Expensive

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What is the most expensive Pomeranian color? You may come to this page for finding that information. If so, you are at the right page. Here we are going to explain about that. Make sure you do not miss any information.

The most expensive Pomeranian color

Pomeranian coats come in a variety of patterns and colors. Usually, solid coats are more expensive than multi-colored coats. Among solid coats, rarer colors like lavender, black, white, and blue lead to a higher price than common colors like orange and red. According to the research, female Pomeranians cost more expensive than male Pomeranians since there is more demand for females. Usually, adults Pomeranian cost less than puppies, however successful show dogs will be quite expensive.

List of Pomeranian Colors

Now, let us talk about the colors of a Pomeranian’s coat. Those who are not familiar with this breed often claim orange as the color of the Pomeranian. While orange considered to be a classic color, this adorable breed comes in various color.

In this page, we will only share some colors. It is Sable. Sometimes this sable color will not show in a Pomeranian image, if the sabling is very light. But, with other Pomeranians, it is distinct. A sable Pomeranian will have a solid base and the sable comes into play via guard hairs which have dark tips.

There are many types of sables, here are some of them:

  • Red

 Red Pomeranian-
They will be a reddish orange dog. Sometimes, they described as a rust color. It will be the darkest, deepest orange in regard to fur. This color is rather rare. It is not uncommon for a dark orange to be categorized as a red.

  • Orange

Orange Pomeranian-
An orange Pomeranian color can range from light to dark. There is a line between dark orange and red. If any black striping, this brings it to a orange brindle. Any black tipping brings it to an orange sable.

  • Cream

Cream pomeranian-
With a cream Pomeranian, color can range quite a bit. This will be able to be very light, one step darker than a white. It goes through shade gradients all the way to what one will consider to be light brown.

  • Black

Black pomeranian-
Black Pomeranians have deep, solid black eye rims, lips, nose, and paws. A true black will not have a secondary color. If any exists, the Pomeranian dog will be a parti (two color).

  • Blue

Blue pomeranian-
Commonly, a blue Pomeranian is a less seen. The easiest way to know a blue color by looking at the nose. All true blue Pomeranians will have blue skin. With blue, the coat may appear black however if the skin pigmentation is blue, the Pomeranian will genetically be a blue.

  • White

White pomeranian-
Their coat’s color are going to be like a pure snow. There is not any shading to the coat. Otherwise this places the Pomeranian dog into the cream category. The color will be solid. A secondary color is going to move the Pomeranian to a parti.

Factors that impact price

Besides coat color, sex and age, there are still many other factors that impact price.

Here are other factors impact the price of Pomeranian:


The quality of a dog is one of the biggest influences on price. Quality does not always reflect the health, personality, or behavior of a dog, although health does play a role in determining the quality of a dog. The quality refers to how well the dog can be expected to perform in conformity competitions and how well the dog can be expected to produce other dogs that do the same.

The dogs that are a mix of Pomeranian and another breed or mixed breeds are considered the lowest quality group and are more affordable than purebred Pomeranians. The high demand designer mixes, like the Pomsky (Husky and Pomeranian mix) and Pomchi (Chihuahua and Pomeranian mix) are going to cost more than less desired mixes.

The good quality of Pomeranians are purebred. However they have some things that prevents them from being successful in the show circuit. These dogs are able to be the excellent pets and are a great deal cheaper than show quality dogs. Also, they are still able to compete in many types of non-conformity competitions such as agility or obedience trials. They can be trained as service or therapy dogs as well.

Faults and Health

Reputable breeders are going to give a list of the dog’s faults and the results of health testing to help you understand why the dog is pet quality. Usually, they will spay or neuter the dog before sale or ask you to do it after you take the dog. If sold at all, pet quality dogs with serious health conditions are marked down in cost. However, the good breeders will have higher requirements for the home these dogs go to in order to make sure that they will be cared properly.

Show quality Pomeranians are the most expensive. Even, the cost as much as $10,000. Those are dogs that conform to breed standards and they are able to compete in shows and be bred to produce more show quality Pomeranians. Within each of those groups, the degree of conformity to breed standards, pedigree, and health will influence price. For adult dogs, the more complete health history, the dog’s competition and the breeding history will affect the cost.


Where a breeder lives can influence how they price their puppies. For one, the breeders must be able to cover their costs. If an area has a high cost of living, the breeders need to charge more to be able to continue breeding. The breeders in areas with more regulations on the breeding of animals have to price their dogs higher to cover the costs to comply with those regulations. Also, the market in a region makes a difference. High demand for Pomeranian dogs lead to higher prices. On the other hand, if there are many competing Pomeranian sellers, it will decrease price.

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