How to Train a Pomeranian Puppy to Pee Outside

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Pomeranian puppies are such good ones as they are relatively easy to train. It also happens for potty training. Just like training for basic behavior and tricks, potty training is also not that hard. The consistent training is a must because the Pomeranian will react far more readily to this training.

It is needed for you to train your Pomeranian to go potty outside and you are the one to provide the necessary training. It is where the thing called consistency takes a big role. The Pomeranian puppy might be confused if you keep changing the methods of training, which leads to them never master the art of peeing outside.

How to Train a Pomeranian Puppy to Pee Outside

Your main purpose is to teach your Pomeranian puppy how to pee outside. They need to know that doing it in your house is not something that you can accept. However, you also need to lower your expectation. It is impossible for them to master this skill by hours. By average, a Pomeranian puppy is able to hold themselves for one hour per month of age up to a maximum of six hours. As for the adult ones, they can hold longer, which is up to eight hours. Since the time for the puppy is about six hours, please do not leave your puppy for longer than eight hours.

The first thing that you will have to do is to limit the access of the Pomeranian puppy to your place when you are not around to keep an eye on them. You are recommended to use a training crate that will be used when you cannot be there or when you need to be outside for an extended period of time. Apart from this, it does not need anything except for a few extra supplies such as a lash and treats. Actually, a potty training spray is also needed. If you have no idea where to buy, go to the pet supply stores as it is available at most of these places. Rather than these items, the most important thing to train the puppy is you will need a lot of time and patience. Patience is especially important because they will not master it instantly so please be patient until this essential thing has been mastered.

  • The scent method

The first thing that you will need to do in the scent method is to make it smell so good. To do so, you can get a bottle of potty training spray and use it to mark the area of the lawn. Then, set the schedule. The schedule can be set by using a timer. Please set it to every half hour. When the timer makes a noise indicating that it is the time for you to take care of your puppy, please bring them directly outside with the least to the place when they can pee. It is important to give them some time to pee and when they are doing their business, do not forget to give them a treat and also praise them for doing a good job. When everything is done, bring him in and set the timer again for the second time in 15 minutes. As always, you are recommended to give them a praise and a treat. Please keep going until they learn how to hold themselves.

  • The timed method

If you want to try this method, you will need a timer. Get one and set it to 30 minutes. When the times are up, bring the puppy outside. If they go potty, they deserve a treat as well as praise. After the first try of 30 minutes, you can try to add the time. During the training and every time they do a good job, make sure to give them praises and treats. Actually, you do not have to always rely on the timer. Your puppy is your main focus so you can keep an eye on the puppy as well. When the first time they have to go outside, please take them right away so they can go, even though there is still time shown on the timer. When they go, it is a must to give them a praise and reward them with a treat. In case there is an accident in the middle of the training process, be calm and do not punish them. Unless they do it intentionally, keep calm because they will wonder why you are mad at them when you are throwing a tantrum. To clean up the mess, you can use the enzymatic cleaner. After cleaning, please continue the training until they are trained enough.

  • The least method

The leash method starts with selecting a location. Please pick the one in your yard for the puppy to do their business. Another thing that should be selected is the cue. Feel free to choose a cue word that you want. Some that you can use include “outside” or “potty”. It is the one that will be used whenever it is the time for the puppy to go outside to pee. When it is the time for the puppy to go outside, you will need to put the leash on them so they know that it is the perfect time to go outside. In the next step, give them the cue and bring them outside to go potty. Do not forget to praise and give them reward when they go. The whole thing is about consistency so routines are important. You are advised to set a schedule of taking them outside every 30 minutes at first and then take them out on schedule. Prepare the treats as well as praises as you will need them a lot. Giving them praises and treats, and not scolding them are effective to build their confidence. It might not be easy and might take a lot of time but as the times go by, your puppy will know where is the right place to go potty.

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