Can a Pomeranian Live in an Apartment?

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The Pomeranian dogs are dog breed that height between 7 and 12 inches and weighs between 3 and 7 pounds. They are very popular breed with a friendly and playful personality, although they can become quite bossy. By the way, can Pomeranian dogs live in an apartment? Let us find out that answer here.

Can a Pomeranian dog live in an Apartment?

Pomeranian dog are able to live in an apartment. He is a small breed with a friendly, sociable, and outgoing personality. Also, he us a very active and playful dog, although he does not need much space or a yard to be happy. However, not everything is as easy as it seems with a Pomeranian. He has his personality. If he is not taken care of correctly, he can make life difficult in an apartment. Of course, there are some things that you can do to make the Pomeranian as the perfect companion in your apartment.

Can a Pomeranian Live in an Apartment
Apartments are small. But Pomeranian dogs are smaller, so everything will be good if you bring a Pomeranian dog to your apartment. Size is not the only thing to consider before housing a Pomeranian dog in an apartment. Temperament will be able to be critical. Energy levels are very important as well. Usually. hyper puppies will be harder to manage than a slow older dog. How much time you must spend with will matter a lot. A little Pomeranian puppy may get into much dangerous. Being so small, they are able to get stuck somewhere or even choke on something.

Although there being lots of factors to good canine living, Pomeranian dogs are at the top of the list for apartments. However, there will be training and other things to consider. You have to take them for walks as well as frequent potty breaks. If all this is possible, then your Pomeranian dog will live quite comfortably in your apartment.

Some tips for raising a Pomeranian dog in an Apartment

Here are some tips that you can do to raise a Pomeranian dog in your Apartment:

1. The challenge of housetraining a Pomeranian

Actually, training a Pomeranian dog is not difficult. He is an intelligent dog and he likes so much learning new things. You only need to be gentle, patient, and consistent. However, Pomeranian dogs have a reputation for being quite difficult to potty train. One of the reasons is that small breeds are able to hold their bladder for less time than larger breeds. For apartment living, there are two methods to potty train a Pomeranian dog. They are able to be trained to use puppy pads or go outside. Whatever the method, the important thing is to start early.

The first thing that you have to do is select a specific area where you want him to go to the bathroom and which is comfortable for your dog. You need to consider that you have to take it there regularly, especially when they are puppies. A choice can be a place outside, preferably with the grass, near your apartment, or a place in your apartment which is not near the place where your dog eats or sleeps.

2. Teach a Pomeranian to control his bark

The high-pitched barking of a Pomeranian can be a major drawback, if you live in an apartment and being fairly close to the neighbors. It is not recommended to eliminate the barking of a Pomeranian dog. Barking is one of methods he to communicate. Of course, there is always a reason why he barks.

To decrease how often a Pomeranian dog barks, there are some things you can do:

  • You have to ensure that he has enough exercise. If he get a lack of exercise, he will feel restless and also will bark frequently. Proper exercise helps burn off his extra energy, and creates him feel calmer and more relaxed.
  • You do not let him get bored. Pomeranian dogs are very clever. If they do not have enough mental stimulation they are going to get bored easily. He will make you know by barking. Ensure that you have dog toys like a food-dispensing toy on hand. Here you will be able to find some good toy choices to keep him busy.
  • Please offer your Pomeranian dog a place where he feels comfortable and safe. A place where he enable to retreat to rest if he feels anxious or overwhelmed. For this case, you are able to provide a small quiet place with his bed, toys and water.

3. Prevent small dogs behavioral problems

Pomeranian dogs are clever dogs. But, if they are not trained and socialized properly, they tend to be aggressive bossy, and dominant. It is common for some small dogs, to owners allow them to get away with behaviors that can become a problem and complicate apartment life. By pampering a Pomeranian dog, he will feel that he is the leader of the pack and that all his needs come first and that the rest of the family should obey. This is known as the small dog syndrome.

This will be able to cause the Pomeranian dogs to develop various behavioral issues such as below:

  • Separation Anxiety that will make it impossible to leave him alone even for some moments.
  • Aggression towards dogs and other people by displaying dominant behavior.
  • Possessive and protective behaviors can result in bites once he feels that his things or even people are threatened.

To avoid this behavior, obedience training is very essential. This training will allow the owner to take the role of the pack leader in front of the Pomeranian dog and the dog to learn the basic obedience rules and commands. Also, as difficult as it is with these dogs, you have to treat a Pomeranian like a dog and not like a baby or toy. Pomeranian puppies should not be allowed to do things we do not want them to do when they are older.

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