Do Pomeranians Like to Cuddle?

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If we look at the shape of Pomeranian, it may make you want to cuddle them. However, even though they have fluffy hair which makes you want to cuddle them, you need to know whether they like to cuddle or not. And here, we will explain to you about it.

Pomeranians Like to Cuddle

If you wonder whether pomeranians like to cuddle or not, the answer is yes. Pomeranian really like to cuddle. Why do they like to cuddle? They have a history to live in packs. By cuddling, they will warm themselves. Also, it is the form to show their love and affection. However, as an owner of a pomeranian, you need to form the habit in early puppyhood so that your Pomeranian will like to cuddle. If you do not habit to cuddle them in their puppyhood, they may be able to be hyper when you want to cuddle them in the future.

When you cuddle them, you also need to see whether they are comfortable to cuddle or not. You are able to see their body language when you cuddle them.

Pomeranians Like to Cuddle
The Reasons of Pomeranian Likes to Cuddle

By cuddling a Pomeranian, it will build a connection which is deep and meaningful between you as the owner and also the pomeranian. This is also a form of affection which is one of the ways to make the bond to be fostered between human and pom. By doing this, it can also release the oxytocin in both parties when you both contact each other.

By cuddling with a pomeranian, it can also release the stress in the dog. The oxytocin which is produced when you cuddle them can help them to lower levels of cortisol in their body. What is cortisol? It is the stress hormone.

The Reasons of Some Pomeranians May Not Like To Cuddle

You may find that some Pomeranians do not like to cuddle. Well, in general, Pomeranians are good-natured and friendly. Usually, they also love to cuddle. However, same as other creatures, not all Pomeranians have a similar personality.

If you find that your Pomeranian does not want to cuddle, you may do that at the incorrect time. Mood of a dog can change depending on some factors. So, you need to know their mood when you cuddle them. If you see that they do not want to cuddle, don’t force them. You are able to see why they are not in a mood to cuddle. They may be hungry, bored, tired or any other reasons.

If you try to cuddle them the first time you bring them to your home from a breeder or shelter, and then you find that they do not want to be cuddled, they may be nervous and they are still not sure whether you are a good companion for them or not. So, they do not respond to your cuddle. If the problem is this, then you are able to try to spend your time to develop a bond of trust with your Pomeranian. You can develop the bond of trust by feeding them, talking to them, petting them, and showing them that you can protect them. If they trust you, then they will enjoy being cuddled by you.

Another reason why your Pomeranian does not want to be cuddled may be because they want to enjoy their personal space.

When you want to cuddle them, you have to make sure that you do it gently. It is done to make sure that they are not worried or afraid of contact.

If you usually find that your Pomeranian likes to be cuddled, but then in another time you find that they do not want to be cuddled, the reason may be because they are feeling sick. So, you have to keep an eye on them and you have to see whether there are the other symptoms.

How To Make Pomeranian Like Being Cuddled

If you are sad because your Pomeranian does not like to be cuddled, now you have to stop from being sad. The fact is that you are able to encourage your Pomeranian to be able to enjoy cuddling. Usually, dogs are able to be trained to repeat certain actions based on a positive outcome or reward. Same as it, Pomeranian can also be trained to be able to be cuddled.

When you cuddle your Pomeranian, it will make your Pomeranian feel satisfied. However, you are able to encourage them this positive feeling further by giving a small treat  to the dog during or after cuddling. You are able to try to offer a treat on your lap to your Pomeranian to push them to come and sit there. If you do this several times, it will make a positive association. As a result, in the future you will find that your Pomeranian will do this by their own accord.

It is better for you to give them a treat as a reward the first few times. Then, in the next time, you can change the rewards to be other things such as a belly rub and many more.

The Reasons Why The Owner Needs to Cuddle Their Pomeranian Often

There are some reasons why you have to cuddle your Pomeranians. Those are listed below.

  • Your Pomeranian needs a cuddle and the science also says it. Pomeranian needs physical touch and bonding so that they can be happy. They need to be always happy because sometimes they can get stressed or depressed.
  • Cuddling Pomeranian can build your relationship. When you interact with your dog, you and your dog show increased levels of oxytocin in the blood and it is important to build relationships.
  • Cuddling can reduce anxiety. When you cuddle your Pomeranian, oxytocin will be released and it can deal with fear and anxiety. However, you have to make sure that you do not cuddle them when they are afraid. If you do that when they are afraid, it can be a boomerang and even it can increase their anxiety.

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