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Not all human food is good for Pomeranian dogs. Of course, there are some human foods that might be harmful to your Pom, even if you have a beating that will probably be fine. In fact, some certain foods can induce numerous health issues to your Pomeranian. The point is, most human foods are not made for canine consumption.

The health issues which affect your Pom are such as stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, arterial obstruction, lethargy, a tickle in the throat and even may be losing their lives prematurely. Don’t want it, do you?

pomeranian eat carrot
Sure, before giving your foods to your Pom, knowing the foods can eat and can’t eat is a must for you. However, this way can prevent unwanted things to your dog. Thankfully, this post will give you a list of human foods for your Pomeranian.

Human Foods Your Pom Can Eat

Here are some human foods that your Pom can eat:

  • Carrot

Either raw or cooked, carrots are good for your Pom to consume. This vegetable is low in calories and as a good source of minerals, vitamins and also fiber. Not only for humans, carrot is also healthy food for your Pom. You can give carrots a treat when playing time. Ensure to cut the carrots into bite-size pieces before giving carrots to your dog.

  • Corn

Corn is one of the most common ingredients that you can find in most dog foods. So, giving them corn can be. Sure, you should waste the corn’s cob as it can cause an intestinal blockage to your Pom or give them shelled corn. Moreover, you can also give them popcorn but make sure it has no salt or butter.

  • Apple

Not only healthy for humans, apples are also superb for your Pom. Giving your Pom a slice of apple means to make ends meet glucose, full of fiber, vitamin A and C. Apple will also be amazing for cleaning canine teeth to get rid of any residue and bad breath.

  • Pineapple

Yes, your Pom can eat pineapple in small amounts. Fresh pineapple contains many vitamins, fiber and minerals which make your Pom getting a great nutrient-dense snack. As your Pom may get nausea and also diarrhea, the best way that you should do is to give a small amount of pineapple at a time.

  • Bread

You can give your Pom bread either plain white or whole grain. Sure, before giving them bread, make sure it has not extra ingredients such as raisins as it is potentially harmful for dogs. However, homemade bread is a better option than store-bought bread as bread you buy at store may contain preservatives to avoid if you can.

  • Shrimp

Shrimp is such a great human food that you can also give to your Pom. Shrimp is full of antioxidants, vitamin B12 and a good amount of phosphorus. Before giving it to your Pom, remove all the shells including the tail, head, and legs.

  • Fish

Fish is generally great food for humans as well as Pom and other dogs. Fish is full of valuable amino, acids and fats. Salmon and Sardines are included as high on the list of best sources of protein, calcium and also vitamins as the bones are soft and easy to bite. If you give fish to your Pom, make sure that you pick out all the tiny bones. Always fully cook fish for dogs before leaving your Pom and enjoy it. Don’t give your Pom raw fish.

  • Meat

Yes, your Pom can eat meat, but lean meat is best and safe for your dogs to eat. Beed contains common ingredients in many dog foods as it’s a wonderful source of protein and many important vitamins and minerals that your dog needs for health.

The best protein source that your Pom gets is from cooked lean meats including beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and pork. You should feed your dog plain meat without any added seasonings and sauces as they may contain dangerous ingredients. Make sure the meat is fully cooked, not fat, no seasonings and without bones.

  • Peanut

Peanut is safe for your Pom as it is packed with good proteins and fats which can give benefit to your Pom. Make sure to give your Pom in a moderate amount. As full of fats, you may not want to make your Pom in too much fat which can lead to pancreas issues. Don’t give them salted peanuts.

  • Eggs

Your Pom actually can eat eggs as long as they are fully cooked. However, if eggs are not cooked, they may get a biotin deficiency which can prove fatal. Fully cooked eggs contain an amazing source of protein which can help an upset stomach. It would be better for you to choose boiled eggs as they will get maximum nutritional value.

  • Honey

Honey is a natural-great source packed with countless nutrients including vitamin A, B,C, D, C and K, calcium, magnesium, antioxidants, potassium and copper. Make sure to feed your Pom in a small amount of honey to help them with allergies. By introducing small amounts of pollen to their system will build up immunity to allergens in your area.

Well, those are some human foods which are good for your Pom.

List of Human Foods: Can Eat & Can’t Eat

To ease you finding out the human foods which can be eaten and cannot be eaten by your Pom, we also give you the list below!

Can Eat Can’t Eat
Peanut Butter Grapes
Salmon Raisin
Tuna Chocolate
Cheese (limit) Macadamia Nuts
Blueberry Almond
Cashews (limit) Cinnamon
Coconut Garlic
Ham Ice Cream
Milk Onions
Quinoa Avocado
Yogurt Coffee
Watermelon Tea
Blackberries Xylitol
Tomatoes (limit) Nutmeg
Green Peas Lemon and Limes
Oatmeal Raw Yeast Dough
Sweet Potatoes

Conclusion: Some human foods are healthy and safe for your Pomeranian to eat, while others can be harmful and can even be deadly. So, make sure to introduce human foods in your Pom’s diet gradually to easily monitor for adverse effects like allergic reactions. Well, a rule of thumb is to give the food to your Pom in moderation, better, isn’t it?

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