Pomeranian Urinating Everywhere

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You might get really upset when you see your Pom peeing everywhere all over your house. We think you’re not alone as every one who owns a Pomeranian or other dogs will be annoyed when they see their cute dog urinating everywhere. It happens not only about the Pomeranian’s behavior, but also due to the misunderstanding of the concept of urinating.

In this case, it may be the same as the concept of urinating in infants or toddlers where they do not understand the concept of urinating properly, especially this happens to pomeranian puppies. Sure, your Pom puppy will not understand the urinating concept until you teach them.

Pomeranian Urinating Everywhere

Reasons Why Your Pom Pees Everywhere

You may wonder why your Pom pees everywhere around your house even though you already teach them. Of course, at least there are three main reasons why you Pom urinate everywhere, here are they:

  • Confusion

Confusion can be a main reason why your Pom urinates everywhere. When Pomeranians were little, they’d be really confused about where exactly they should go to the bathroom. In this case your Pom puppies have absolutely no idea what to expect from them, unless it is shown to them. Of course, you have to perform and teach as much as Your Pom needs to maintain their knowledge.

  • Way of urinating

The second reason why your Pom urinates everywhere is caused by their urinating. In fact, both male and female dogs spray the same way. Most people mistakenly trust that only males do this way as male Pom are thought to be more dominant. Whereas, females may mark the house essentially peeing all over.

You should know that Pom puppies under 3 months of age do not urinate this way of urinating. So, if you have a 2 month old puppy which is urinating everywhere, it’s for another reason at all.

The most interesting fact about female pom is that they often do not squat to urinate, instead they will raise their legs. Some also have been known to do a kind of handstand by lifting both hind legs briefly. For female Pom, marking is sometimes done only before starting a heat cycle.

  • Medical reasons

The medical reason here is commonly seen in older Pom dogs. The first medical reason is urinary tract infection which may happen to your older Pom. However, this infection will make your Pom for excessive urination.

Well, other medical reasons include diabetes, kidney problems, bladder stones, liver disease and Cushing’s disease. If you see that there are any health issues occurring on your Pom, it’s better for you to take your Pom for a complete check-up with a reputable and experienced vet.

Well, those are some reasons why your Pom urinates everywhere.

How to Potty Train Your Pom?

When you notice that you should train your Pom to not pee everywhere all over your house, of course, you should look for the great and easy method to potty train your pom where you and your pom will be easy to run. However, it would be better for you if you begin to potty train your pom immediately you bring your pom puppy home.

You may already know that your Pom puppy will respond to odours. Well, they will urinate where there’s the smell of dog urine. Sure, what you should first do is to remove the smell of dogs pee by simply cleaning with white vinegar.

Here’s how to do it!

  • Take your Pom to an area where they can use the bathroom before they enter your house at their very first time coming to your house.
  • Make sure to always take your pom puppy outside to potty after eating, sleeping and during playtime.
  • Limite your puppy in a small area at night or anytime you cannot monitor your pom puppy.
  • After they go to the bathroom, you can give them lots of praise.
  • You can also bring your new dog into the house and allow him to explore a lot.
  • Anticipate times when they likely need to urinate such as after eating, before bedtime every few hours and immediately take them outside.
  • Every time elimination happens, ensure to continually praise your Pom. Well, they will be happy to accept your appreciation. Well, your action in giving them praise will really tell your Pom puppies that they have accomplished a gorgeous thing. You can also include a command while they are performing their goal.
  • If an accident happens, please do not punish your older dogs. Instead, you can clean the mess quietly and keep training them again. You should know that your older Pom dog will not tell you that they really need to go to the bathroom. If you’re proactive, your Pom will respond and understand well.
  • As we all know that marking is one of the ways in which he welcomes other dogs. Try to make marking a place to play. You can try to play some games there, give them a snack, have them lie down and pat their stomach. Once they realize that this place is not a marking area, they will stop marking the area by themselves.
  • When you see your Pom is in a position to pee, make a loud noise to distract him, then take him to the designated area of the bathroom immediately. If your pom pees there, give praise. The praise you give him will help build positive encouragement and motivation to urinate in the designated bathroom location.
  • If you see a potty train is successful, you will let your Pom puppy have freedom of the home for a short period of time. Sure, the amount of time is depending on your Pom’s age.
  • While if you do not see a result during a potty break after 5 minutes, you can bring inside and put your Pom in his crate for half an hour and then repeat the process. To note, you shouldn’t confine your Pom to a crate for lengthy periods of time. However, a general timeline is to ensure that your Pom puppy can hold for absolutely no more hours than the number of months of their age.

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