How Long Can Pomeranians Hold Their Bladder

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Pomeranians are counted as small dogs so the time they can hold their bladder is similar to the other small dogs. For those who are wondering how long can Pomeranians hold their bladder, the short answer is one hour per month, up to six hours maximum.

The further explanation

There are sphincter muscles in the body of Pomeranians, just like the ones in the body of the other dogs and the human beings. They are there to control the action of the urethra. The new born puppy (about a few weeks old one) will have a little or no control over these things. The thing gets more complicated when you know that the bladder is quite tiny when they are around this age. This is why it is needed for frequent peeing.

How Long Can Pomeranians Hold Their Bladder

As you can probably guess, different puppies have different periods to hold their bladder. According to the professionals, an 8 week old one can hold the bladder as long as four hours without the need to pee while the other ones that share the same age as them cannot hold that longer. How is it possible?

There are actually a couple of factors that influence the length of time a puppy can hold the bladder, as follow:

  • Age

You should know that the younger the puppy, the more frequent the urination. For those who are curious, puppies sleep through all night long only after they reach 14 or 16 weeks of age. Until then, it is needed for them to take breaks from time to time.

  • Health issues

One of the conditions that make a puppy pee more than usual is when they have diabetes. The high blood sugar in their body can cause extra urine to be produced, which leads the dog to consume more water to cover up for the loss. Apart from that, UTI or urinary tract infection can damage the bladder control department. Actually, these conditions tend to happen to the older dogs. Some other conditions that cause the puppy to pee often include bladder stones, kidney infection, and medications.

  • Seasonal weather changes

In the summer, puppies love to spend their time outdoors. Being outdoors means seeing the sunlight and the heat, which means needing more water. Just like the human beings who will sweat when the weather is hot, they will have a hard time managing the temperatures in their body. This makes them thirstier and it also makes them pee a lot. On the other hand, when the winter comes, the dog will drink less, hence they will not pee as frequently as during the summer.

  • Anxiety

In fact, there are types of puppies that get an urge to pee every time they get nervous. As for the effort to help your puppy, how about getting a dog cave bed? This one is really effective to make them retreat when they get nervous.

  • Training

You might not expect this aspect but it has been proven that the reason why the dog pees way too much is the lack of training. As a baby, a puppy has to be trained so they will know what is right and what is wrong. It includes teaching how to pee and poo. As the owner of the puppy, it is your job to train them. During training, maintaining a solid schedule is important.

About why holding pee for too long is not good

Everyone who has a puppy wants to have the puppy to sleep through the night. As you might be too lazy to wake up at night to take care of your puppy, you might want for them to hold their bladder so that your dream will not be bothered. While it sounds like a good idea, it is actually not good for the health of your dog. The urinary system of the dog works similarly as the one that human beings have. Just like the human beings who should not hold the pee for too long, they should not do that either. Holding the bladder for too long can cause urinary tract infections and bladder stones. In the worst cases, urinary cancers might be developed due to the prolonged contact between the urinary tract cells and carcinogens in the urine.

Things to reduce the frequency of bathroom breaks at night

Even though a puppy has a tendency to pee a lot, the frequency can be cut. Here are some tips for doing that:

  • Give them treats
  • Avoid giving them drinks and meals a few hours before bed
  • Put them in crate
  • Bring them outside during the day
  • Allow them to do their business for the last time before going to bed
  • Follow the zero night playtimes rule
  • Add the bathroom break just in case
  • Bring him outside in the morning

Bottom line

Puppies, including Pomeranian puppies, are undoubtedly cute and adorable but they need a lot of more care compared to the older dogs. Potty training is important even though it is definitely not as easy as it sounds. The main key is patience and determination. As the time passes, the puppy will be able to hold their bladder throughout the night. It is your job to keep giving them training so that they can sleep all night long without having to go outside to pee.

If you find it hard to train them, you can get help from a professional. Go see one near your area. You might also want to find one on the internet and consult about your difficulty through cyberspace. Aside from that, it is also helpful for you to read some experiences from people who have the same kind of breed. In order to meet these kinds of people, you can try to find the communities, both online and offline, related to the Pomeranians or dogs in general. Some of the members probably know better about Pomeranians than you so you can take the advantage of it.

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