Pomeranian Lion Haircut Samples

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Do you want to make your Pomeranian have a different look? If you want to make them different, you are able to try to make them have lion haircut. How is this haircut? You may want to see the samples of a Pomeranian which has lion Haircut. Here, we will show you.

Some Samples of Pomeranian Lion Haircut

Below, you are able to see some samples of Pomeranian pictures which have lion haircuts. You may agree that they look more cute with this haircut.

Pomeranian Lion Haircut Samples  Pomeranian Lion Haircut Samples

Pomeranian Lion Haircut Samples1   Pomeranian Lion Haircut Samples-

If you want your Pomeranian to have the Pomeranian lion haircut, most of the fur of your pom is shaved until it is almost at the skin. Then, on his chest and neck, there is long fur which is left. So, you can see that it forms a lion’s mane. In addition, a small amount of fur is also left on his tail.

This haircut is one of the favorites among the world of Pomeranian. With this haircut, your Pomeranian will look gorgeous. Your Pomeranian will be like a little king of the jungle.

You may agree that this look is very cute and interesting. However, it may not be wise for you to do that. If you want to make your pomeranian have this look, you have to discuss it first with your vet to know whether it is good or not for your pomeranian.

If you want to make your pomeranian have this look, you have to know that this cut will not retain its shape. So, you have to do further cutting and trimming every 2 to 3 weeks.

The Reasons Why Lion Cut Is Not Recommended

Shaving the fur of your pomeranian partly like a lion cut or in full is not recommended. As we explained above that if you want to do that, you have to make sure that you have discussed it with your vet. Here are some reasons why this partly or full cut is not recommended.

  • This cut will be able to give effect to the health and happiness of your dog. A dog’s coat has function. It is for their natural barrier against the elements. Also, it provides warmth in the winter, provides UV protection, and also it insulates them from excessive heat in the summer. There are some dog owners who believe that if they shave the fur of their shedding dog, it can relieve their own allergies and also it can help their dog in hot weather. In fact, this haircut can determine the health of your dog. Once again, if you want to make your dog have this haircut, you have to make sure that you have discussed it with your vet. If your vet allows it, then you can do it.
  • Their coat will not be similar. Sometimes, if you shave double-coated breeds can cause permanent coat damage. You will see that the hair of your dog grows with an unsightly clumpy texture. There is no way to make it go back to their soft and fluffy coat.

More Things To Know About Lion Haircut

Traditionally, the lion cut is actually a grooming hair style which was only applied on cats. If you have consulted with your vet about whether or not your pomeranian can be shaved in lion cut, and then the vet allows you to do that, then you also have to consult with your groomer before you do this cut. It is done to make sure that they have the experience to pull this cut off well.

It is important for you to know that the skins of pomeranians may be pale and delicate. The fact is that the coat, of course, has some functions. One of the functions is to keep the skin of the pomeranian from experiencing the elements. If you let your pomeranian have this lion cut, it will expose the skin to the elements. So, you have to be careful about sunburn in the summer and also frostbite in the winter. Even due to the sensitivity of your pomeranian skin, you may find that this lion cut exposes them to chemicals or elements which can cause them to have skin rash or an allergic reaction.

The Other Pomeranian Haircut

Besides lion haircut, there are some other cuts for pomeranians. However, it is important for you to always discuss about the haircut that you want to try with your pomeranian to your vet whether it will be good for your pomeranian’s health or not. The most important thing is the health of your pomeranian, not the style of your pomeranian. Below, you are able to see the other haircuts for pomeranians.

  • Teddy Bear Haircut

Pomeranian Haircut Teddy Bear

You may see that the Teddy  Bear cut is cute for your pomeranian. If you shave your pomeranian to  be this style, the hair of the body will be trimmed to two or three inches. Then, the face and ear hair are left longer and cut in a circular design. If you want your pomeranian to have this style, you have to make sure that you go to a trusted groomer. It is done to ensure that you truly get the right look. To make the look of the haircut fresh, you also need to brush the coat of your dog regularly.

  • The Show Cut

The Show Cut

This cut needs very high maintenance. Usually, this cut is reserved for show dogs. This cut will require a super-patient pooch because it involves a lot of little trims all over their body. However, the end result is gorgeous.

  • Puppy Cut

Pomeranian Haircut Puppy Cut

This cut is the same as the Teddy Bear cut. However, in this puppy cut, the hair is left the same all over which means that the head is not made into a round shape. This haircut can be suitable for your dog which is playful and active and it is ideal for warm weather. This haircut is easy to maintain, but you have to make sure that you have to invest in a solid pair of puppy clippers to give your dog a reliable, even cut.

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