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If you want your beloved dog to look like a teddy bear, this Pomeranian Teddy Bear haircut is a good choice. You are able to make the fur short enough to get that fluffy look and keep the hair on the face longer. By the way, how about the cost of the Pomeranian Teddy Bear cut? Well, let us find out that information here.

About Pomeranian Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy Bear cut is a Pomeranian haircut style which is common amongst most small dog breeds. This Pomeranian Teddy Bear cut gives the dog an appearance resembling a teddy bear. Also, Teddy Bear cut is good for maintenance. With many owners who do not want to bother with regular grooming for the longer and more extravagant styles, it will be easily groomed with this style. The facial hair for Teddy bear cut is kept longer than the rest of the body, which is taken down to lengths of roughly an inch or two inch.

About Pomeranian Teddy Bear Cut
How much does a Pomeranian Teddy Bear cut cost?

Usually, for a small to medium sized pup, a Pomeranian Teddy Bear cut cost around $30-$50. Of course, the Pomeranian Teddy Bear cut cost is vary depend on some factors or depending on the place where you do a Pomeranian Teddy Bear cut. If you have a Pomeranian dog, and really want to make your beloved dog look like a teddy bear, this Pomeranian Teddy Bear haircut is a good choice for you. Based on the research, Pomeranian Teddy Bear haircut is one of the best and popular best Pomeranian haircuts. Thus, it is not strange if there are lots of Pomeranian dog owners who do a Pomeranian Teddy Bear cut for their beloved dog.

The Look of Pomeranian dog with a Teddy Bear cut

The Look of Pomeranian dog with a Teddy Bear cut
A Pomeranian dog with a teddy bear cut will look quite different than a Pom with a more natural hairstyle. The Pomeranian Teddy Bear style removes the Pom’s signature long outer coat and shaves into the softer and more dense undercoat, removing up to 50% of the plush-looking fur. The end result is a fluffy dog with short hair who looks a little like a teddy bear.

How to do a Pomeranian Teddy Bear cut?

The Teddy Bear cut begins with the long outer coat being thoroughly washed, brushed and then cut off. Usually, electric clippers with a snap-on comb guard will keep the fur a uniform length. After that, the undercoat is trimmed, either with a scissors or a clipper. Your groomer is going to remove only a little bit of fur at a time, with the remainder combed to check for evenness and overall effect. Then, the groomer shaves the hair around the anus and cuts off the long ear hairs. Also, any ridges around the face are smoothed away with careful snips of the scissor.

The most challenging part of this Teddy Bear cut is the head. Trimming the rounded off look on the dog’s head and snout, blending into the body, need takes practice. Getting experience through apprenticeship or schooling is the best method to get the skills necessary for beautiful Pomeranian grooming skills.

For those who are a groomer, you are able to try these steps to safely and gently change a Pomeranian from a plush fur into a Teddy Bear.

Here are several equipments for doing a Pomeranian Teddy Bear cut:

  • Clippers
  • Steel comb
  • Curved scissors
  • Slicker brush
  • #7 Blade
  • #10 Blade
  • #40 Blade
  • #2 Blade with comb attachment

Start with the Rough Cut

After the dog is dry after bathing, a groomer will start with the rough cut for Pomeranian grooming, however this actually goes for every breed. Usually, a groomer uses the number 7 blade, which is the most common blade for grooming and then takes the body hair down short. A groomer will trim with the growth pattern. Of course, a groomer needs to always constantly monitor the blade’s heat to ensure they do not burn the dog accidentally.

For those who are a groomer, you have to be gentle along the matts, and the smaller tangles. Paralleling the blade with the body when you skim across the dog. Ensure your blade is close to the dog’s body. Do not forget to stop at the dog’s collar line before moving on with another blade size for the head. When you approach the legs, you are able to start taking the blade downward, cleaning up the legs smoothly with the legs lifted drawing the blade toward yourself. Usually, for the Pomeranian Teddy Bear look, your clients want the poof. After brushing out the tail hair, you are able to lift the tail upward and then trim the tip first. Please clean up the hair around the anal glands.

Aside from that, you are able to complete the rough cut around the chest and beard of the dog following the growth pattern downward. Once you trim the Pom’s armpits, you have to pull the leg upward and sweep the blade parallel to the armpit, removing hair smoothly. Remember that you do not go perpendicular. If you do that, the skin will get caught in the blade.

The issue of Pomeranian Teddy Bear Cut

Although Teddy Bear cut is one of the best Pomeranian haircuts, there is an issue for this haircut. Based on the research, the Pom’s ancestors include Nordic sled dogs. His double coat protects him from the elements. Also, it provides protective padding on his elbows. Unfortunately, if you cut into the Pomeranian’s undercoat, you are able to damage the fur’s texture permanently. Probably, it will never grow back to the same length. As a result, this Teddy Bear cut is a lifelong commitment and should not be tried on a dog who goes outside in harsh weather.

Well, the text above is an explanation regarding Pomeranian Teddy Bear cut cost, the Look of Pomeranian dog with a Teddy Bear cut, the way to do a Pomeranian Teddy Bear cut and the issue of Pomeranian Teddy Bear cut.

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