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The Pomeranian and Husky mix is called Pomsky. This combo has become one of the most favorite mixes due to its stunning appearance. For those who are in the Philippines and are interested in Pomsky and wondering about the price of this mix in the Philippines, apparently, the price varies depending on some aspects, such as the puppies, the breeders, and many more.

One of the places that you can visit to find Pomeranian Husky mix for sale is called Pawfinder PH. Pawfinder PH refers to the online market that you can consider to visit. This one is exclusively for pet lovers, breeders, importers in the Philippines. They will be a bridge to connect the sellers and the buyers. It is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is such a perfect site to visit if you are looking for the Pomsky for sale. When looking for one, you can filter the results by location, gender, age, size, color, and so on.

Pomeranian Husky Mix Price in Philippines Pomeranian Husky pomsky

For those who want to buy Pomeranian and Husky mix or Pomsky from Pawfinder, the first thing that you will need to do is to go to the official website of Pawfinder PH at pawfinder.ph. When you are there, find the Search bar on the main page and use it to look for something. In the Search bar, you can just enter the keyword that you want, such as “Pomsky”. Feel free to browse by category or location to minimize the result shown. Besides, it is also possible for you to view ads by highest or lowest price. Once you found one, you can choose an ad post and reach out to the seller through Pawfinder PH messenger or mobile phone.

Pawfinder PH has an available stunning little male and female Pomsky puppies that are ready to be pet. All of them are 12 weeks of age. They have been vaccined and have health certificates. You can see all the parents. Since there are no health issues that they have, it is guaranteed to get them. If you are interested in bringing them home, you can call 090534569410.

How much does not cost to bring them home? As you can see from the description, they cost   ₱25,000.00. If you think they are too expensive, please do not worry as it is not the final price. It is stated that the price is negotiable so if you think the price is not worth it, you can just contact the seller to negotiate the price and to get the best price.

  • Pet Age: 10 weeks
  • Date of release: October 20, 2019
  • Location: Dr. D. Evangelista St. Santa Catalina Zamboanga City
  • Type: For Sale
  • Vaccine: Dewormed, Parvovirus
  • Type: Island Born
  • Date: November 1, 2019
  • Pet birth date: September 5, 2019

Aside from Pawfinder PH, the second site that you can consider to make a visit is known as MyBenta. For those who have no idea about MyBenta, it is the name of the site that is full of ads based in the Philippines. This one is considered as the fastest growing online setting community in the country with thousands of active local online sellers. Each seller is able to make their own online store and post their product and service for free. As a buyer, you are able to look for something through a wide range of merchandise, and find the reputable sellers and best prices.

Unlike Pawfinder PH that only has one available Pomsky for sale, MyBenta has more. The first Pomsky to sell is the one from Cebu City. It is stated that the owner will be moving to an apartment and they cannot keep the puppies anymore. Each of them is loving and very playful. All of them are friendly with kids and like to play in the park. If you want to bring this one home, the price is ₱11,000. If you are interested in them, you can start to chat with the seller named Diane1234.

The second one on the list is the Pomsky from the city in Philippines named Antipolo. Compared to these previous two, it is cheaper with only ₱9,000. It is such an adorable and playful puppy. It has a vet certificate of health so there is nothing to worry about. By having this at home, your house will be warmer and brighter. It is definitely a wonderful companion. This puppy has a very good personality and is really friendly, including to the kids. Since it loves attention, it is the perfect one to cuddle as well. You will love it for the very first time. To start chatting with the seller, raphaelgauthier, the WhatsApp number that you can contact is +1 (860) 470 6425.

The third Pomsky for sale is the one living in Metro Manila. For those who are currently in Metro Manila or who are currently living close to this city, you might want to get this one. For the price, it shares with the second one above, which is ₱9,000. Just like most puppies, this Pomsky puppy is also playful and adorable. It also has a vet certificate of health so it is healthy. If you want to know more about this one, you can send an email to danielperry5454@gmail.com.

If you are from Apayao, you can get the one from your city. There is a very friendly and petite Pomsky puppy that you can get for ₱13,000. It is one of the very friendly and petty Pomsky puppies. Actually, it is not the only Pomsky puppy offered by the owner, melanememe. It is said that she has more than one and the available options are boy and girls. All of them were checked and wormed and micro, and so on. Each of the cute puppies is ready to go to the new place. They can tolerate home noise and can adapt well to any environment. All of them are not molds and they are pets. To talk to the owner, please call +63-926-772-2190.

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