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There is actually a trend of dog sperm banks. It might sound strange but it is really popular among the professional breeders as well as the average dog owners. One of the dogs whom the sperm become favorite is Pomeranian. If you are looking for Pomeranian sperm for sale, here are some that you can visit.

  1. Stud Dog Central or SDC

Stud Dog Central is the place that connects you with the sellers. It is also the place for you to learn something, including about Pomeranian and the sperm. If you want to find the Pomeranian sperm for sale on this site, the first thing that should be done is to go to its official website at studdogcentral.com. When you are there, you will be able to find some menus on the homepage, such as Home Page, Find a Stud A-F, Find a Stud G-Z, List Your stud, Genetic Diseases, Articles/Links, and Contact Peg. As you are looking for the Pomeranian, it means the one that you need to click is Find a Stud G-Z.

By clicking the Find a Stud G-Z, you will be taken to a page with the name Pomeranians Providing Shipped Semen. Below the title, there is a picture of the Pomeranian along with the information about it. The name of this Pomeranian is Mylo’s Midnight Sky. He is a pretty blue merle with the height of 9 lbs. He is blessed with the biggest and softest brown eyes. He is really friendly and easy going. He is the type of animal who cares a lot for others. Mylo’s Midnight Sky is a proven stud with 75% of his puppies having his colors or markings. Both him and his sperm have been proven to be healthy. There is only a total of 10% die when chilled. Stud Dog Central offers local Al and shipped semen as well as the natural live cover.

Pomeranian Sperm for Sale

  1. Silhouette Pomeranians

For those who are looking for Pomeranian sperm for sale, you can visit Silhouette Pomeranians at silhouettepoms.com. This one offers frozen and fresh chilled semen of Pomeranian. There is a possibility to have a male collected and semen frozen and shipped to your vet. You will have to ask if it is possible with the male that you want. Please ask them beforehand as it needs meeting up with the company to do this service. If you are wondering about the fees, please do not worry as they are usually negotiated. The average cost of the Pomeranian sperm is roughly $300 for 1-4 straws and ½ stud fee per straw. As for the shipping costs, you are responsible for all of them. The service that is used by Silhouette Pomeranians is ICSB and it is better for you to do surgical implantation. This method is recommended because it has been proven to make it in some cases.

If you are looking for the fresh chilled sperm, you will need to let them know when your pet comes in season, and feel free to order kits to be shipped to them. The most recommended one is the ICSB Puppy Bank Pak. The chilled can be shipped internationally but you are required to be heavily involved in taking to UPS and your local customs in order to make sure that the process goes well. However, it might not be available for all countries. One of the countries that have been successfully made is Slovenia. For now, they are offering this service for the cost of shipping or puppy packs only with a stud free due after the birth of the live puppies. You are suggested to take progesterone testing to use this method.

Keep in mind that this service is only available for those breeding show Pomeranians. It is not intended for those who want to cross breeds so they will not send anything to those with that kind of purpose.

Do not forget to prepare some official documents for the dog for whom the sperm is intended. You will also have to add some photos and a pedigree. If they find out that you never appear in the show Pomeranian circles, then it might be hard for you and you will have to ship or fly in with your pet in person the first time.

  1. All City Dogs

The site named All City Dogs has a Frozen Semen Database. This database is available for purebred dogs of all breeds. Since the listings are free, feel free to check out anytime you want. Everything includes a picture of a dog, a brief information about the dog, and contact information that you can reach out.

All City Dogs has a lot of listings. Pomeranian is included in the list of the breeds. However, there is currently no result shown. It means they do not have stocks. However, they might restock soon so it is better for you to regularly visit the site to get the result that you want or to consider the other dogs. It is better for you to sign up first and wait until they have the Pomeranian sperm restocked. For more information, go to the site.

Pomeranian sperm or the sperm of any other dogs is expensive. If you want to make a sperm bank, you will need to have enough budget. To collect them, it can cost several hundred dollars and the storage for each sample around another hundred dollars a year. You need also to think about the insemination fee, that might cost more. It might mean that looking for a traditional rescue and adoption is still better.

With all people who are still excited about the dog sperm, this business is not going anywhere anytime soon. It seems like it will keep growing in popularity. Some dog lovers may also start to consider storing the samples, just in case their loved furry one leaves the world before they are ready and they want to keep the spirit and lineage of their cute pet.

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