Should You Cut / Shave a Pomeranian in the Summer?

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Summer brings lots of great situation, time spent outside with family and friends, trips to the beach, and all sorts of other summer fun. But, there are some certain care to follow for your Pomeranian to have a safe, happy, and comfortable summer season. By the way, should you cut your Pomeranian hair in the Summer? To find out that answer, read this entire article.

Is it good to cut Pomeranian dog hair in the summer?

It is common to think about cutting or shaving a Pomeranian dog in the summer. After all, if you had to wear a thick fur coat all season, you would be terribly hot and uncomfortable. However, it is different for dogs like the Pomeranian that have two layers of fur: a short undercoat and a longer layer of guard hairs.

Should You Cut or Shave a Pomeranian in the Summer

The longer guard hairs prevent the sun’s rays from achieving the Pomeranian’s skin. The short undercoat is freed from dead hairs. The air will circulate down near the skin and that cooler air becomes trapped there to a certain extent. If the guard hairs are shaved down, there is nothing to prevent the sun’s rays from reaching a Pom’s skin easily. This will increase the risk of sunburn and overheating. Also, there is nothing to trap any circulated air which may be a bit cooler near skin level.

If you do not brush the coat properly, you end up with this issue: The long guard hairs work to help block the sun’s rays, but the compacted undercoat blocks air from circulating. This is able to make a Pomeranian dog to get very hot and overheat. What to do: While tidy trims may be done to flat out the guard hairs and give some shape to the coat, we suggest you to cut or shave your Pom in the summer.

Instead, you are able to brush out the coat at least once a week and preferably every three days. For this, first you are able to go over the coat with a two-level steel comb. After that, use a leave-in spray to prevent static and split ends. Also, use a slicker brush to reach down deep to pull out dead hairs from the undercoat. During the heavy spring or summer shed, you are also able to use a non-rotating fixed undercoat rake.

The most important care tips for Pomeranian in the Summer

Apparently, there are some important care tips for Pomeranian in the Summer that you need to know as an owner of Pomeranian dog. In the text below, we are going to share some important care tips for Pomeranian for Pomeranian in the Summer.

  • Give your Pomeranian dog a cooling mat which draws excess heat from the body.

Give your Pom a cooling mat

If you have heard about canine cooling mats but never had your dog try one, you may be thinking that it is akin to having your dog rest on an ice pack. However, it is not the same thing at all. There are self-cooling mats which do not send out cold, but rather they absorb excess body heat. Therefore, if you place your hand down on one of these, you will not feel anything. But, when your Pomeranian dog lies down, a special gel inside the mat is activated and can absorb heat from any part of the body that is touching the mat.

  • Keep your Pomeranian dog hydrated.

There are lots of Pomeranian dog owners who assume that their dogs will self-regulate their water intake. However, lots of Pomeranian dogs have trouble with this. When it is hot outside, a Pomeranian dog will pant much more. This is what Pomeranian dogs do to help cool off. With each breath, moisture of water is lost. Without access to cool, clean and fresh water and encouragement to drink it, a Pomeranian dog can become dehydrated quickly.

  • Protect the Pomeranian’s paws.

In the summer, a Pomeranian’s paws are at risk for burns and excessive dryness. For your information, a dog’s pain threshold for heat on the paws is 125 F (52 C). At 130 F (54 C), the paws are able to get burns after only three seconds. The asphalt surfaces, red brick, and cement can reach these temperatures easily, even hitting 140 F (62 C). Besides these risks, walking on somewhat hot surfaces over the course of weeks and months will cause accumulative damage which results in overly dry paw skin.

  • Guard your Pomeranian dog against summertime insects.

Summer is a good time for fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. So, it is very important to protect your Pomeranian dog from them. However, at the same time you want to keep your Pomeranian safe from the heavy pesticides that are used in many pet products which repel or kill fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, including the traditional flea collars. Need to know that reactions to those chemicals are able to cause everything from breathing problems to itching and more serious problems from seizures to neurological damage, and even death.

  • Allow your dog for water fun and follow water safety.

If you like dipping into cool water on hot summer days and now you are wonder if your Pomeranian dog would like it too, the answer is probably will be yes. It is a great method to help your Pomeranian dog cool down. If your Pomeranian dog decides that they like the water, this will add an extra element of fun in the summer season. There are some methods water can make summer a super-fun time for your Pomeranian dog. The methods to offer water-related fun include:

  1. Set up a sprinkle in your yard.
  2. Set up a kiddie pool. It can have as little as, or much water as your particular Pomeranian likes.
  3. Allow your Pomeranina dog to swim in a pool.
  4. Allow your Pomeranian dog to play in the water alongside the shoreline.

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