Pomeranian Puppies for Sale Under $300

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Pomeranians are cute and fluffy dog which are like by people. You may of keeping a Pomeranian puppy due to their gorgeous look. But, how is the price of a pomeranian puppy? Is there any pomeranian puppy which costs under $300? Let’s find out about it here.

The Price Range of Pomeranian Puppies

If you want to have a pomeranian puppy, you are able to buy it from a reputable breeder. The price is about $500 and $6,000. However, usually you will see the price is about $1,000 and $3,000. If you are looking for specialty poms such as the black pomeranian, you are able to find that they cost more.

Pomeranian Puppies for Sale Under $300

Besides thinking of the price to buy a pomeranian puppy, you also have to think about the other expenses. In the first year of having a dog, you can prepare at least $1,000 for food, bedding, toys and health care and also the cost of raising a puppy. Then, every year you can prepare between $1,000 and $3,200 for the needs of your pomeranian puppy.

It is important for you to note that these numbers do not include emergency care or non-typical costs such as specialty equipment, deposits or non-routine medical treatment.

Is There A Pomeranian Puppy for Sale Under $300?

As we explained earlier that the standard price of a pomeranian puppy is about $500 to $6,000. So, a Pomeranian puppy under $300 may be rare. However, it does not mean that you cannot find it. In some breeders or websites, you may be able to find a Pomeranian puppy under $300. When we tried to search about pomeranian puppy which costs under $300, one of the websites which offer pomeranian puppies under $300 is Adtob. Here are some pomeranian puppies under $300 in Adtob website.

  • Purebred Pomeranian Puppy which was published by Stephanie Mclin. This pomeranian puppy is small and fabulous. This puppy has gorgeous thick coats and fabulous baby face. The puppy also has sweet open expression. Besides, it is lovable and playful. The price is $250. If you are interested in this puppy or you may want to ask first, then you are able to send an email to stephaniemclin58@gmail.com. Alternatively, you are able to call or text to 206-429-7877.
  • Beautiful Pomeranian Puppies which are published by Tiffanybane. The pomeranian puppies that she sells are current on all shots, potty trained, AKC registered and also have an excellent pedigree. The price is $240. If you want to know more about these puppies, you are able to contact her at (770) 737 – 1988.

If you access Mercabba website, you are also able to find some cheap pomeranian puppies under $300. You are able to check by yourself to find the available pomeranian puppies for sale under $300.

However, when you buy a pomeranian puppy under the standard price, you have to be careful. There are some people who scam by pretending that they sell a pomeranian puppy in a very cheap price. So, before you deal, you have to make sure that they are trusted. You can check it by asking them a lot of things related to the puppy that they sell including the health, care, and many more. It is also possible that the cheap pomeranian puppy which is sold under the standard price may have ailments. So, you make sure to check everything.

Alternative Way to Get Cheap Pomeranian Puppy

You may think that the standard price of a pomeranian puppy is expensive. However, it is because some factors that we will explain after this. If you want to get a pomeranian puppy or pomeranian adult in cheap price with a good quality, you are able to decide to adopt from animal rescue than buying it. In animal rescue, you will get the cheaper price. The fees of adoption are usually between $200 and $400. Even, you are able to find adoptable Pomeranians for less than $100.

It is important to know that the fees of adoption do not include genetic testing or registration paperwork. However, they often include the costs of spaying or neutering, age-appropriate vaccination and microchipping.  Usually, rescued dogs do not come with a healthy guarantee. However, there are a lot of animal rescues which want to help you cover expensive and unexpected medical treatment.

Some Factors which Affect The Price of Pomeranian Puppies

There are some factors why the price of pomeranian puppies can be various.

  • Quality

This is the main factor of the influence on price. Quality here does not mean about the health, behaviour and personality of dog, even though the health is also the main thing in quality of dog. However, the quality here means how well the dog can be expected to perform in competitions and also how well it can be expected to generate other dogs that do the same.

  • Faults and Health

If you go to reputable breeders, they will give you a list of the dog’s faults and also the results of health testing. It is done to help you understand about the quality of the dog that they sell. If the dog has serious health condition, usually the price is lower. If you do not mind about the high price, then you may want to buy show quality pomeranian which can cost at $10,000. These kinds of dogs can be bred to generate more show quality pomeranians and also can compete in shows.

  • Location

The location of the breeders live can affect the price of the puppies. If the breeders live in a high cost living, they charge more so that they are able to continue breeding. If the breeders live in an area which has more regulations on the breeding of animals, they will also set the price of the puppies higher so that they can cover the costs to comply with the regulations. The condition of a market can also affect to the price of pomeranian puppies. If there is high demand for pomeranians in that market, it can make the price more expensive. If the people who demand pomeranians are rich, they breeders will not doubt to set the price higher.

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