How to Train a Pomeranian Puppy Not to Bark

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Having an uncontrollable habit of barking, often making owners annoyed or even a little frightened because the barking of a Pomeranian dog shows that they’re suspicious of something. Of course, we know that this breed of dog is indeed a noisy and noisy dog breed.

Pomeranian dogs are very energetic, intelligent, and aware of the state of the environment around them. Maybe you could say that Pom is just plain insolent with such an extraordinary curiosity that they act out of control sometimes. They may bark when strangers come or bark to get your attention because Pom knows that you are the boss.

How to Train a Pomeranian Puppy Not to Bark

Even though you quite understand that Pom barking is the only way to communicate to convey the happiness of things, however, there are times you may be annoyed by the barking. When the situation happens, you may want to stop your pomeranian barking incessantly, may not you?

Thankfully, there are plenty of methods that you can take to train your Pom to stop barking. What are they? Let’s see some methods below!

  1. Let your Pom bark

When you see your Pom barking, taking a breath and leaving it to bark is what you should do. Even though you’re annoyed with their barks even if you’re tired, ignoring his bark can be great while you check what makes them bark.

You may already know that Poms are smart dogs which will figure out that all they should do is to make you run to their side by barking. So, let your pom bark as more you fuss over your Pom, the more your puppy will howl your attention.

While you ignore your pom’s bark, you can reward them with a tasty treat. To make them stop barking, please be patient to finally understand when they’re quiet, tasty treats and attention will come.

  1. Calm your pom

You may already understand that certain barking of your Pom is about self protection. However, it’s a common situation to watch your Pom claim their toys and keep them. Maybe when someone or your child takes their toy, your Pom will bark to show that none can take their toy.

Sure, a dog is not human and doesn’t share anything that they have such as a toy. If your Pom is barking as something they had was taken away, of course you should calm them down and make sure everything will be fine.

  1. Get rid of triggers for barking

Once you identify why your Pom is barking uncontrollably, well the easiest way to calm your puppy is to get rid of the trigger. If you notice that your Pom is always barking without any causes, you can also try to do some ways as follow:

  • Observe your Pom for a few days and if needed keep notes on when and where they start barking.
  • When you see your Pom is always barking at strangers passing by, putting blinds on the windows or getting him to a different room is a must for you.
  • You can also stand between your Pom and the trigger or use a barrier during walks.
  • If you go for walks early in the morning or late in the evening, it’s better for you to choose a different walking route.
  • To keep cats and birds away, you can also move the bird feeders or fountains away from the window to make your Pom not see them.
  1. Increase the quiet time for your Pom

When your Pom is eating, make sure not to stand next to them as you will annoy them. So, let them eat in peace. If there’s a lot of noise while they’re eating, sure they will think that there’s something wrong happening around. Well, eating time is quiet time for your Pom to stop barking.

Make sure to keep increasing the quiet time for you Pom. Aside from not bothering your Pom while they’re eating, you can also make them wait for three seconds or more before giving them the treat. Next time, you can make them wait for six seconds. Then nine seconds and next times may be even longer. Sure to reach that point, you will need a lot of patience as well. But, this way will really help you to train your Pom to not barking uncontrollably.

  1. Speak to them on command

Sure, to train your Pom puppy not to bark, you should get them to speak on command. Here, you can say ‘sit’ or ‘roll over’ when your Pom starts howling. To follow your command, your Pom will have to stop barking. Well, when it happens, you can give rewards to your pom with a treat and praise.

Aside from that, you can also use the doorbell as one of your Pom’s barking triggers. When your Pom starts barking, you should say ‘speak’ and give them a treat. You have to continually train them to start speaking when they hear the command. After you have mastered the ‘speak’ command, you can move on ‘be quiet’ command.

Most Poms will be quiet to check what you are holding and when they do it, praise and appreciation.

  1. Make your Pom to desensitize the trigger

The last method that you can take is to desensitivity the trigger to make your Pom barking. It may be hard for you, but if you’re patient, you’ll be lucky. So, doing some ways to try desensitize the barking trigger as follow:

  • Take a step or two towards the trigger. If your Pom doesn’t react, you can give them rewards.
  • Step back if there is any barking. You also have to wait for your Pom to calm down. Try again but move more slowly.
  • Set a threshold for your pom the distance between a trigger and your Pom which do not lead to bark.

If the ways above are progressing, you can repeat until your Pom does not bark at the trigger. As you know this way really needs much time as you are trying to train your Pom to associate their trigger with positive things, such as a food.

Well, those are some methods that you can do to train your Pom not to bark. Good Luck!!!

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