Do Pomeranians Like to Be Left Alone?

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A lot of people with a Pomeranian cannot be at home all the time and it is also impossible for them to take them along to every place they are going. Due to the situation, they are usually left alone. If you are wondering whether they like it to be left alone, the answer to the question is surely no.

Pomeranians obviously do not like it to be left alone. Since they often so into their owners, they often get separation anxiety when the are left alone. It is the common case for Pomeranians but not every Pomeranian shares the same thing. Even if they do not get separation anxiety, they do not like it when they are left alone because they are bored or something.

Do Pomeranians Like to Be Left Alone

The small breeds like Pomeranians usually have anxiety disorder, which is also more known as separation anxiety. This kind of thing is not uncommon and it might affect you and your Pomeranian. If you have Pomeranian with this disorder, you are not recommended to leave your home for extended periods of time. They might get too excited seeing you when you are ready to go outside and they will be really depressed or get hyperactive when they find out that you are not going to take them with you. This is clearly serious and you should take it seriously.

As stated before, it is better for you to train the Pomeranian by leaving them alone for the safe periods of time so that they will know that you will not always with them and when they understand it, they will feel secure in their own right even without you around.

Since not everyone can train Pomeranian from such a young age, training them to be independent is a good idea. The good news is that Pomeranians are included as the ones who can learn quickly. You can do a few simple routines before and after leaving your place. It is the way to train them to be left alone while also making them better from the separation anxiety.

For those who have Pomeranian with the separation anxiety, do not try to leave them alone for the same amount of time as above. Besides, it is also needed for you to do some simple routines before going outside so that they will get it that you are going outside and that you will be home after.

When you see your Pomeranian gets really hyped when you are about to go outside, when you arrive at home, or both, sometimes, you need to make them calm. It is actually fine when they are excited, but it is not when the thing gets too much.

If you want to calm the Pomeranian down, the first thing that you will have to do is to separate them from the place where they became hyper. By taking them somewhere for a short time, they will get the right amount of space and the right amount oof time to calm down. To help you in making them calm, you might want to consider getting the dog pheromone diffusers, dog anxiety jackets, and calming treats. They are actually effective to speed up the process.

Even though using these products are effective for some, your Pomeranian might need more to make them calm down. If it is the case, you can consider of taking them to a behavioral training course. This kind of training is actually good regardless of the behavior. Not only giving them a lesson how to be a good one, going through a good training course is also able to build a strong bond between the owner and the pet. Keep in mind that the Pomeranian needs to trust you just as much as you have to trust them when you want to leave them alone for periods of time.

When you have no other option but to leave your Pomeranian alone, do not feel bad and take it as a challenge for both you and your dog. Actually, they are counted as one of the wisest and one of the fastest learning dogs in the world and it should not be the matter anymore when you leave them alone for periods of time because they have been given training. However, it is still needed for you to plan a few things when you are planning to go out. Here is the list of a few simple things that you should do:

  • Get them a comfortable bed.
  • Get them enough water and enough food (actually, it depends on the weather).
  • Do not forget to put their favorite toys around.
  • Give them plenty of space to walk around.
  • Give them the access to his toilet. You can also give them a pee pad.
  • Give them some lights so that they can see around.
  • Play some cozy music in a low volume.

In conclusion, Pomeranians do not like it when they are left alone but you can do it if you have no other choice. Before anything, it is better for you to get them some proper training so they will understand that you are not always be there by their side and they will not get separation anxiety. Even though it is fine to leave them alone when you have to, please do not do it often. For reference, here is the recommended time:

  • 8-10 weeks: 1 hour
  • 2-3 months: 2 hours
  • 6-12 months: 4 hours
  • 12-18+ months: 6 to 8 hours

Do not forget to consider it when you are planning to leave a Pomeranian alone. If you have to leave them for a long time, you are encouraged to asks someone to take care of your pet for the periods of time needed. Pomeranians and the other animals and living creatures, just like humans. They have to be treated as good as you treat people. Another option that you can consider if there is no one to ask for a help is to take them to a dog day care.

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