Do Pomchi Dogs Bark a Lot?

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Pomchi does look arrogant. They are always in ready mode just in case something happens. They are curious cats and will notify you if there is something wrong. Do Pomchi bark? If yes, do they bark a lot?

Pomchi dogs do bark a lot. A lot of people have a hard time with their barking tendencies and they think it is too much. Apart from barking at noises, they also tend to bark when they hear knocks or when the pipe is creaking. Not only that, they will also bark if they are left alone for long periods of time. Due to the fact that love to be with people and they are affectionate, leaving them alone is not recommended. When they are left alone, they will suffer with separation anxiety and when they are stressed, they will do something like chewing, scratching, barking, digging, urinating, and even defecating.

Do Pomchi Dogs Bark a Lot

Their barking tendencies might be taken after their Pomeranian parents. In fact, Pomeranians do bark. Why do they bark? Actually, it is normal for the dogs to bark. However, it can be a bad thing if it is not fixed. In fact, barking is the main way used by the Pomeranians to communicate and some of them tend to do more compared to the others.

You might want to train the Pomeranian but they also have a unique language that the owner has to understand and the common language for most of them is barking. As the kids of Pomeranians, Pomchi might also have the same thing. A lot of people might be mistaken for noise when in fact it is their effort to tell the owners something. Keep in mind that dogs do bark for a reason, meaning they will not do it if there is no reason. In this case, it is a must for you as a dog owner to understand what they are trying to say and please also try to find the solution to the issue.

Pomeranians have a few different barks that they usually use to tell the owners that something is happening. When their bark is sharp and loud, it usually means they feel an intruder or chaos and they are trying to let you know that something dangerous might be happening. Besides, it is also like a warning for the intruder that it is their area and they are doing their job protecting it.

Apart from being threatened, Pomeranians also bark when they are happy, excited, sad, bored, craving for some attention, sick, in pain, or distressed. In addition, they also do it when they respond to the other animals.

When you hear the Pomeranians or Pomchi barking, you are not suggested to shout. Rather than making them shut down, it will make the situation even worse. If you fail to cool down the chaos even after doing so much, it is better for you to reach out to a vet or a professional trainer.

As mentioned earlier, all dogs bark but it is not fine when there is no specific reason. Who knows that it might be them trying to give you a signal that there is something that is not OK. Try to be more understanding and try to learn what they are trying to say.

When they are barking, do not panic and try to make the first move. The first thing that you can do as the owner is to assure that they are not alone and they are not abandoned. Pat their head and tell them that you are there with them and you will not leave them behind. It is a simple thing yet it is not guaranteed to succeed but you can try it.

It is not easy to make the Pomchi to become quiet, but you can try some simple steps to teach them to only bark when it is needed. These methods are usually used for Pomeranians but you can also try them to Pomchi and see if they work.

  1. Put their favorite treat near them.
  2. When they are barking, praise them by saying that they are doing a good job and then ask them if there is something wrong.
  3. Ask them to be quiet.
  4. Wave their treat in front of their nose. Doing so can be effective to make them stop barking because they will switch their focus to smelling and trying to lick the thing that you are waving.
  5. Keep giving them praise. Say that they are a good one for being quiet.
  6. Allow them to taste their treat after three seconds they stop barking.
  7. Repeat the fourth step if they start to bark. This time, instead of three seconds, you can try to discipline them for five minutes. They must learn that they will be given the reward after each successful quiet time interval.
  8. When they make a mistake, you can scold them and if they bark, even if it is not that loud, please wave the treat and ask them to be quiet using a louder voice. Once they stop barking, you can give the reward.
  9. Increase the time by three seconds each time and if you manage to behave them well during those times, it means there is progress in making them a good one.

If you are having a hard time behaving Pomchi, discussing with the vet or professional is always the best choice. Ask them if it is normal for the Pomchi to bark a lot. Do not forget to also ask them if there is any special tip or trick to stop them barking. You can also ask them if there is a tendency for the habit of your dog in the Pomchi’s family (Pomeranians and Chihuahuas). It is also important to know the general rule of the small dogs like Pomchi to bark a lot if they are not trained well from a very young age.

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