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You are able to call a Teacup Pomeranian as a special breed of dog. It is because they are smaller than average Pomeranians. A Teacup Pomeranian can weighs about 4 pounds or less when they are fully grown. It should be as healthy as a Pomeranian in standard size. A lot of Teacup dogs can live longer than most larger dogs if they are cared properly . If you buy a Pomeranian of Teacup variety from a reputable breeder, you will be given a purebred. Besides their size, colors and markings also can be one of the reasons why people want to have certain Teacup Pomeranian.

You may like black colour or perhaps you have seen a Teacup Pomeranian black so that you want to have a Teacup Pomeranian in black color. You can see in the internet that this dog in black colour is also cute with their thick coat. At a glance, they are like a cat not only because of their small body but also because of their small ears. Breeding white Pomeranians is so hard and it follows that the white Pomeranian will be more expensive than the other colors.

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Same as white Pomeranian, black Pomeranian is also prized by a segment of the buying public and as such, black Teacup Pomeranian can also command premiums. If there is a breeder that specializes in breeding a certain type of color or coat, it is not impossible that they will charge a premium of some kind. If you are interested in having black Teacup Pomeranian, you are able to look for black Teacup Pomeranian puppies for sale in the internet or in some local breeders. If you cannot find it easily or you have to wait for a long time because you get into a waiting list, then the other color of Teacup Pomeranian such as blue, blue and tan, black and tan, chocolate, chocolate and tan, cream, cream sable, red, red sable, orange, orange sable, sable, brindle, or white can also be your good choice. The most important thing of their coat when you have a Teacup Pomeranian is not only about the colour, but also how to take care of it. They have coat that is thick, stand out, double coat with an undercoat of soft, fluffy and a top coat that is long, straight, and shiny.To take care of their coat, one of the things that you need to do is to brush and comb the coat at least twice a week by using a wire slicker brush and metal comb. It distributes the natural oil of the skin, keeps the coat and skin healthy, and also avoids tangles or mats.

If you like black and white color and you hope to have a Teacup Pomeranian in those colors, you are able to look for black and white Teacup Pomeranian for adoption in the internet or some local breeders near your home. When you decide to adopt a dog, make sure that you are really able to take care of them well.

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