Adult Pomeranians Louisiana

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You may think that it will be good if you have an adult Pomeranian at your home. This dog is small and cute and you think that Pomeranian can be a perfect friend for you. If you live in Louisiana and you want to buy or adopt a Pomeranian, it is better for you to come to a reputable breeder.

Pomeranian is a small dog and it has square-proportioned, miniature spitz with a cobby, rounded body. This dog shares the spitz characteristics of double coat, small ears and curled tail. This dog has an alert and fox-like expression. They have soft thick undercoat which is combined with the longer harsh outer coat and it stands off from the body which combine to give the dog a unique puffy appearance. This type of dog usually have weight about 3 to 7 lb and their height is about 8 to 11 inches. Before you keep this dog at your home, it is recommended for you to know the temperament of this dog. Pomeranian is bold, busy and bouncy. They are also curious, playful, attentive and confident. Some of them can be territorial toward other dogs but some others can enjoy a good barking session. They will need a daily exercise but can meet activity needs with indoor games or short walks. You also have to brush their coat twice a week or more when they are shedding.

So, where can we find adult Pomeranian in Louisiana? First, you are able to ask to your friends or neighbor about a breeder or rescue near your residence. If you cannot find a breeder near your home, you can try to search websites of Pomeranian breeder or rescue. The first site that you can visit is Louisiana Pomeranian Rescue. It can be accessed at In this site, you are able to see the photos of them, the name, the gender, and the details of the Pomeranian. If you want to know more about the dog, you can hit the Details/Contact button. Then, you can see more detail information about the dog and also the contact consisting of the address, phone number and you can also email or message them via a short form that has been provided under the detail. You can also search Pomeranian in Louisiana in the website of

In this site, there si a free search tool that you can use to find Louisiana Breeders nearest you. To find a Pomeranian breeder, you have to enter your zip or postal code in the box that is provided in that site. Then, click on Fetch button. Then, you can search Pomeranian in the website of Liebchen Pomeranians. It is located in Georgia Crittended, 15109 Old Genessee RD, Tickfaw, LA, 70466. You are able to access the site of Liebchen Pomeranians at or you are also able to contact them via phone at (985) 345-0508. When you choose to buy or adopt a Pomeranian in a breeder, make sure that the breeder is reputable.

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