How to Teach a Pomeranian to Walk on a Leash

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Training your Pom to walk on a least is very important. However, it will be great especially especially if you live in suburban and urban areas where the traffic can be a big problem. Get rid of your thoughts when you think that getting your Pom puppy to walk on a least is hard. Well, teaching your Pom to walk on leash is easier than you think.

Many Pomeranian owners think that their dogs already know how to walk politely on a leash. However, this dog’s skill is something which really needs to be teached. Walking on a leash is such an important skill that you should teach to your Pom. If you teach as much as possible, you will get the great value every time you take your dog out for a walk.

How to Teach a Pomeranian to Walk on a Leash
As walking on a leash should be trained, there are some tips and tricks that you can do in a way of teaching your  Pom to successfully achieve this goal. Then, how to train your Pom to walk on a leash? Thankfully, this post will guide you for this training. Let’s see them below!

Introduce the Leash to Your Pom

The first way that you should do is to introduce your Pom puppy to a leash, collar or harness. You can begin by letting them get used to wearing a leash. Make sure to let them wear the leash for short periods of time in the house only when you are playing with him and giving him treats. Sure, your Pom will love the leash as it represents food and fun.

Give A Cue Sound

Once you introduce a leash to your Pom puppy, you can then teach them a cue sound which means ‘food is coming’. To teach a cue sound, make sure you train them in a quiet and distraction free area. With your Pom puppy on a leash, you can start to make cue sound. When you see your Pom turns toward you or looks at you, please reward him with a treat.

Make Your Pom Coming to You

While your pom is still wearing the leash on his way to you, you can also back up a few paces and then reward him when your pom comes to you. Of course, you can continue the progression until your Pom comes to you and walks with you a few paces upon hearing the cue noise.

You should notice that Pom puppy has a short attention span, so ensure to keep your sessions short and end them when your Pom is still eager to do more, not when he is mentally exhausted.

Maybe, some Pom owners do not need this trick as their Pom will come running all the time. However, the other owner really needs this trick as it’s simpler to get a toddler to obey. Your goal for this training is to make sure your dog comes to you whatever he is doing at that time.

Your command succeeds if your dog kindly comes and sits beside you. Well, it’s a direct common as you will have to physically make your dog obey to teach him to understand what he should do without harming him at all. Don’t be surprised if your Pom refuses and it may take a long time for many training sessions before success is achieved.

You should notice it’s a command which can be used for your dog’s whole life. During this training, your Pom must have a harness and leash but not collar. If not, he would be harmed especially if you tried to pull him to you. If you do not already have it, better for you to get a harness prior to carrying out this training well.

When you Pom obeys, of course, you can give him reward with a treat. Otherwise, if he does not obey your command, you cannot just say ‘whoops’. Sure, you should carry or use a leash to make your Pom come to a spot where you are standing.

Teach Your Pom Inside

Once your Pom puppy really understands how to come to you, continue to walk a few steps in a room with little distraction. Sure, you can feel and see the leash around him as enough of a challenge. In the middle of this training session, you can offer him treats and give a lot of praise as your Pom gets used to coming to you.

Take Your Pom Outside

This can be a last stage when you’re ready to take him outside with a leash. Sure, your Pom will get new challenges outside as all sounds, sights, smells that your Pom will face will be a new experience for him. When you take your Pom outside, you should be patient and keep the first walks short.

While you are on a walk, if you see your Pom to lunge toward something or get distracted, of course you should make cue noise and move a few steps away. Afterwards, reward your Pom with a treat for following you.

Why Is Important to Teach Your Pom Walking on a Leash?

Of course, it is very important to teach your Pom puppy to do everything you want from a very young age. Train him to think that’s what he wants and needs so then he will learn how to manipulate you to make sure he gets everything he wants.

Sometimes your Pom will think he manipulates you, whereas in fact you are choosing what to ignore and aspects of his behavior that he needs to change so that you are both happy in the end. However, the trick to train your Pom to walk on a leash will be needed to grow your network or meet other people.

In addition, Your Pom will feel like getting your full attention as they receive a lot of compliments for what they achieved including the success in the trick of making him walk on a leash. Of course, their motivator can be treat, toys, praise, affection and playtime with you. So, make sure to use all ideas above to make your Pom happy to train.

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