How to Buy a Pomeranian Puppy Online

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Getting a dog for your home is not that easy. When it comes to the cost, it is definitely not cheap. One of the dogs that you might be thinking right now is called Pomeranian. To be a responsible pet owner, doing research on this breed is needed. Besides, you also have to get the best place to buy the puppy and determine how to properly take care of the new pet before getting one home.

About Puppy Online

For those who are planning to buy a Pomeranian puppy online, one of the most recommended places that you can visit is called Puppy Online at Puppy Online refers to a family business that is helpful for you to find the puppy that you have always wanted. They have plenty of puppies for sale, which include Pomeranian. It is really reputable and you can see how they operate and how the puppy is taken care of by watching the welcome video that can be found at the top of the home page.


For more information about Puppy Online, feel free to visit its official website. If there is any question to ask, here are the phone numbers that you can dial:

  • 740-501-8774: Anthony (Manager)
  • 740-501-6746: Michele (Adoption Expert)

In addition, you can also submit a form that can be found on the official website. The information that should be included are your first name, your last name, your email address, your phone number, and a message that you want them to know. After entering everything, do not forget to click the orange Submit button.

Way to buy a Pomeranian puppy on Puppy Online

There are three steps that you need to follow if you want to buy a Pomeranian on Puppy Online. The first thing that you will have to do is to choose the Pomeranian puppy that you want. It can be done by browsing the official website of Puppy Online at Everything that is listed on the site is available. Then, contact them by calling, sending email, or sending text with the questions related to the Pomeranian puppy that you want. It is possible for you to set an appointment if you are curious about the appearance of the puppy or to arrange for delivery. Once you have decided on which Pomeranian puppy that you want to bring home, click on the puppy that you want, select the supplies and options that you want with the puppy, and check out through the site. Feel free to either pay a deposit or pay in full.

Way to buy a Pomeranian puppy on Puppy Online

The available Pomeranian puppy to buy on Puppy Online

Currently, there is only one Pomeranian puppy that is available to purchase. The name of the puppy is Gracie. As you can see on the description, Gracie is such a sweet and cutest one. She loves to snuggle in the lap and she also loves to play. This one will only be 3-4lbs full grown. She comes with a one-year health warranty, is up to date on her shots, and has been dewormed. If you are interested in Gracie, you can contact the owner at 740-504-0182 or at 740-501-6746. Feel free to ask them any questions that you want to know about Gracie. To bring her home, the price that you have to pay is $2,999.99. You need to pay more, about $3,407.92 if you want to include Microchip, American Kennel Club Registration Program, NutriSOurce Puppy Food, Essential Care Package, Basic Care Package, Ultimate Care Package, and Frontline Flea & Tick. There is also an additional $350 to anywhere in the United States and Canada. If you want her to be sent to your place, you need to spend $1 for the cost. If you want to pick her up, you can do it at a place in Ohio.

The other reputable breeders to buy Pomeranian online

If you think the breeder named Puppy Online is not suitable for you as there are too far, do not worry. There are a lot of other breeders that you can consider. Here is the list of some of those breeders:

  1. Breeder Name: DAKOTA YORKIES

City: Arlington
State: SD
Phone: 605 690 2706

  1. Breeder Name: Florida Puppies Online

City: Naples
State: FL
Phone: 2398771757

  1. Breeder Name: Royal Dutch Puppies

City: Struble
State: IA
Phone: 712 539 8911

  1. Breeder Name: Happytail Puppies

City: Summerfield
State: NC
Phone: 336-915-2510

  1. Breeder Name: CrystalCreations

City: Daytona Beach, Amarillo
State: FL, TX
Phone: 386-631-3003, (385) 249-9611

  1. Breeder Name: Maryland Puppies

City: Bel Air
State: MD
Phone: 4437522264

  1. Breeder Name: Little Paws Kennel

City: Winnsboro
State: LA
Phone: (318) 498-1965

  1. Breeder Name: MIMS Dogs

City: Cleburne
State: TX
Phone: (817) 790-3643

  1. Breeder Name: TK Kennels

City: Grayson
State: LA
Phone: 3184502148

  1. Breeder Name: Emily’s Pups

City: Memphis
State: MO
Phone: 660-216-1154

  1. Breeder Name: MGSP

City: Eau Claire (near)
State: WI
Phone: 7153134639

  1. Breeder Name: Princess Pet, Teacup, Toy Puppies Available

City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Phone: 310-651-1219

  1. Breeder Name: Shooting Star Pups

City: Abilene/San Angelo
State: TX
Phone: 325-320-6532

  1. Breeder Name: Paragon Pomeranians

City: Cobb
State: CA
Phone: (707) 279-4199

  1. Breeder Name: Sugar Spring Puppies

City: Liberty
State: KY
Phone: N/A

  1. Breeder Name: Puppy Heaven – Teacup & Toy Puppies For Sale

City: Agoura Hills
State: CA
Phone: 818-757-7473

  1. Breeder Name: My Star Pomeranian

City: Portage
State: UT
Phone: 801-637-4412

  1. Breeder Name: Pearl Moon Pomeranians

City: Sandy Hook
State: KY
Phone: 606-362-3856

  1. Breeder Name: Laura’s Precious Pomeranians

City: Kaufman
State: TX
Phone: 214-909-3122

  1. Breeder Name: Teddy Bears

City: Aiea
State: HI
Phone: 808-561-6411

  1. Breeder Name: Princess Puppies

City: Lena
State: LA
Phone: (318) 613-2898

  1. Breeder Name: Jane

City: New York City
State: NY
Phone: (443) 776-1781

  1. Breeder Name: Corinne Celestial Pomeranians

City: Polson
State: MT
Phone: (406) 883-3442

  1. Breeder Name: Cory’s Cuties

City: Ozark
State: MO
Phone: 9414) 345-6320

  1. Breeder Name: Firebrook Poms

City: Monroe
State: NC
Phone: (704) 289-2021

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