How Often Do Pomeranian Puppies Pee / Poop

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Taking care of a Pomeranian puppy is not easy, so is taking care of puppies in general. A lot of people, especially the new ones who just got the new addition to their house, are wondering about a lot of things, including about how often do Pomeranian puppies Pomeranian puppies pee or poop.

How often do Pomeranian puppies pee?

Pomeranians are active, especially the young ones. They are known to pee anywhere and everywhere. It means they frequent pee, to the point it cannot be counted. Not every one knows how often their Pomeranian puppy pees. If you want to count, you might try to count how often they drink water and you will get a rough estimate. For your information, the amount of water drank by them indicates how often they pee. However, it is not always the case as there might be some other causes that make them pee way too much. For instance, if the puppy stops drinking water, it might be due to them have drank too much. Not only that, your puppy might pee frequently because their skin is dry. To ensure this, please check out their skin. Totally to the popular belief, drinking less water can also make them urinating more than the usual.

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These are the possible causes why your Pomeranian puppy pee more than normal. If you see everything looks fine and there is nothing wrong with your pet, it is better for you to take them to the vet. There, your puppy will be checked for infection or the other health issues and diseases. If the vet also says that your puppy is alright, you will be provided with an estimate of how often your puppy pees. When you are there, you can ask the vet what kind of foods that you can feed them.

The Pomeranian puppies might pee in different places, including the ones where they are not supposed to do. It is actually normal for them to behave that way since they are considered as babies and they know a little.

Since it is hard for them to behave like the adult ones do, it is why training is needed. It has been known that Pomeranians are one of the smartest breeds in the world. They are blessed with intelligence and they have wonderful memory so they are able to remember to do things when they are asked to.

One of the most effective ways to train them how to pee is called the timed method. In order to do this method, a timer is needed. Get one and set it to 30 minutes. When the times are up, bring the puppy outside. If they go potty, they deserve a treat as well as praise. After the first try of 30 minutes, you can try to add the time. During the training and every time they do a good job, make sure to give them praises and treats. Actually, you do not have to always rely on the timer. Your puppy is your main focus so you can keep an eye on the puppy as well. When the first time they have to go outside, please take them right away so they can go, even though there is still time shown on the timer. When they go, it is a must to give them a praise and reward them with a treat. In case there is an accident in the middle of the training process, be calm and do not punish them. Unless they do it intentionally, keep calm because they will wonder why you are mad at them when you are throwing a tantrum. To clean up the mess, you can use the enzymatic cleaner. After cleaning, please continue the training until they are trained enough.

How often do Pomeranian puppies poop?

For those who are wondering how often do Pomeranian puppies poop, the answer to the question can be different for different puppies. By average, a Pomeranian puppy poops 1 to 4 times a day, which is an average of 2 times each day. The number is normal and it can be consistent throughout the day. Apparently, it depends on the type of the dog foods given to them and it also depends on the gender of the puppy, whether it is a she or a he.

Just like urinating, Pomeranian puppies tend to poop anywhere. If you do not want for them to make a mess in your house, please train them. When it comes to poop, the training is known as potty training. Potty training is not that easy but it sure that you will get succeed by following these following steps:

  1. The first thing that you will need to do is to pick a spot. Please select the one where the puppy is going to do their business. Choose only one to avoid them getting confused.
  2. Then, get all the necessities. A few things that should be prepared include high value treats for rewards, a playpen or a create, puppy pads or a shallow litter box, and things for cleaning.
  3. When you are done with preparation, it is time for you to bring the puppy to the potty spot. Do it for a couple of times, including in the morning, before sleep, after meal, after naps, and after they play.
  4. Limiting the house access is important because if they get too comfortable being inside the house, they will poo anywhere. You can try to put their needs such as foods and water on the side of their place and put the pads on the other side. When you are not around, keeping them in the playpen is also a good idea. In addition, you might also want to use crate training.

When your Pomeranian puppy does its job well, please praise them and give them treats as rewards. in case they make mistakes, do not be harsh on them and do not scold them.

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