How Long Do Teacup Pomeranians Live

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One of the most important things to know before purchasing a Teacup Pomeranian is the life span. So, how long does this kind of Pomeranian can live? To know about it, you can type “Teacup Pomeranian live how long” in the search engine.

According to some sources, the average life span of the dogs in general is 12.8 years. However, the Pomeranian will live between 12 and 16 years. Fortunately, some can live even longer than that. Actually, the life span of every puppy is different. It can be shorter or longer than the average life span. There are some factors that can affect this kind of thing. You have to take a note that for puppies including Pomeranians, trauma can be the major cause of the death. As for the adult Pomeranian, the top three lading caused of death are gastrointestinal which is 15%, trauma which is 13.1%, and infection which is 8.6%.

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Is there any other factors that can affect the life span? The size plays a role on the life span. In fact, this kind of small breed puppies can live 1.5 times longer than the larger ones. This might to the fact that the larger ones have to work harder to maintain the daily functions. Beside the size, the other factors are gender, genetics, proper vaccinations. Immune system, and so on.

Fortunately, there are some methods in order to increase the life span of Teacup Pomeranian. The first one you can do is to reduce stress. If a puppy lives in peace, gets a lot of loves, and has the comfort of human relationship, there is a chance if it to live longer. The second one is to have a clean living. This one includes clean eating. You can do it by serving the fresh food. Clean air is also important. You have to remember that any pets that live in home with smokers will have the life span shorter. Another thing as part of clean living refers to the water that drunk by the puppy. Apparently, the straight and unfiltered tap water is filled with toxins and contaminants that many proven to cause cancer. In this case, it is your turn to connect the filter system to the kitchen sink or use the easy us filtered water pitcher. The third one is the right balance of activity. The fourth one is the spaying or neutering. The fifth one is to keep up with the vaccinations and boosters. Please remember all of them well.

Do you know that Teacup Pomeranian is expensive? Do you think it is worth to buy with that average of life span? If you do not think so, then you might consider adopting one in the rescue. Adopting a Teacup Pomeranian will cost less than purchasing one. What most great about it is that you can save a life. Are you interested in adopting one? Go look for Teacup Pomeranian rescue near your area. Good luck!

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