Can Pomeranians Eat Eggs?

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Eggs are good for your health and for those who have Pomeranians, you might think that eggs are so good for your Pomeranian. So, are eggs really good for Pomeranians? Can Pomeranians eat eggs? Find out the answer to these questions below.

Pomeranians are allowed to consume eggs but they should not eat them too much. This topic about whether Pomeranians are allowed to eat eggs has become a hot topic among the owners and the dog fans. Before feeding the eggs, it is a must to know the pros and cons.

Can Pomeranians Eat Eggs
Just like for human beings, eggs are nutritious for dogs like Pomeranians. Every part of them is good, including the shell. As you probably know, it is a high quality source of protein. Some dogs in the wild love to hunt for the eggs if they cannot find the prey.

There are a lot of high amounts of vitamins in eggs, such as A, B2, and D. There are also some other important things like iron, calcium, selenium, iodine, and phosphorus. Eggs are good for Pomeranians because they can help upset stomachs, strengthen and glow the coat, serve as a healthy and nutritious snack, and help in building muscle and repairing tissue.

Eggs are good for Pomeranians if they consume them in moderation and if you feed them way too much, they can be harmful instead, just like any other foods. Here are some results of consuming too much eggs:

  • Upset stomach: If your Pomeranian eats too much egg, they might get upset stomach.
  • Obesity: If your Pomeranian eats too much egg, they can also get obesity.
  • Allergy: Your Pomeranian might be allergic to the foods like eggs.

If you want to give your Pomeranian eggs, it is better for you to see the vet first to ask the amount of egg that is suitable for your pet. While one egg per day should be fine for the big dogs, the case is different for the small dogs like Pomeranians.

There are several kinds of eggs that can usually be fed to Pomeranians, including:

  • Hard boiled egg

Hard boiled egg
The hard boiled eggs are allowed to be eaten by Pomeranians and they actually love it too. When serving it to them, remember to not add salt, pepper, or the other things. This one should be something like a snack and it is not part of the main diet so please do not overeat it.

In order to serve the hard boiled egg to your Pomeranian, first of all, hard boil it for about 10 minutes. When the time passes, cold it down. When it is not hot anymore, take a teaspoon amount of it, chop it, and give it to your Pomeranian.

  • Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs
If you are thinking of any variation of egg for Pomeranian, you might want to make a scrambled egg. When making it, do not use pepper, butter, or salt. Milk and oil that is high in fat are also prohibited. If you think of giving the scrambled egg leftover to your Pomeranian, please do not do it because it usually contains these seasonings.

If you want to make a scrambled egg for your Pomeranian, the first thing that you have to do is to get a non-stick pan. Then, add the zero fat oil. After that, you can just scramble the egg. In the end, you can give your Pomeranian a half teaspoon amount of it with kibble or wet dog food.

  • Eggshell treat

Eggshell treat
Eggshells are good to make sure of calcium intake. You can keep the shells of the egg that you eat. Before serving them to your Pomeranian, firstly, take the eggshells and put them on a sheet of baking paper. Let them in the oven for about 20 minutes with 190 degrees Celsius or 374 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. After you are done baking, cool the eggshells down. Then, put them in a grinder and grind them down until they turn into something like the sand. The next thing that you will need to do after grinding is to put them in a glass jar and then put the jar in the fridge. If needed, put the label with the dare and keep it for about 14 days. When it is ready, you can add a half teaspoon amount of egg per meal once a day every few days.

As stated earlier, some dogs in the wild actually like to eat the eggs, the raw ones, as the substitute if they do not get a prey. While raw eggs are harmless for the wild dogs, they are different for Pomeranians. There is a possibility of the egg being eaten by the Pomeranian to have salmonella and or the other germs. If your Pomeranian eats the egg with salmonella and or the other germs in it and they get sick, the disease that they get might be transferred to you. If you have no idea about salmonella, the symptoms of it include fever, diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, and lack of appetite. The ones that are risky to the salmonella are the old ones and puppies. However, it does not mean the other dogs can pass as in fact, the healthy ones can also be affected. As the danger is as clear as the day, you are highly not recommended to give your Pomeranian raw eggs and just give them the boiled or scrambled one instead. Apparently, it has been proven that cooking the egg can kill salmonella, so it is better for you to keep in save by not feeding them the raw one and give them the cooked one with the firm yolk and white.

Not only the danger of salmonella, raw eggs can also reduce the biotin, the thing that is good to maintain healthy skin and to keep the cells intact. The biotin deficiency can happen if your Pomeranian is given too much raw egg whites. The sign of this disease is the hair loss around the face and eye area. The protein known as avastin will bind with biotin and it blocks the digestive tract from absorbing biotin.

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