American Tiny Pomeranian Breeders

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Queen Charlote was a person who first bought Pomeranian to England in the late 17th century. At that time, it was not popular until 1888 when Queen Victoria returned home from Italy with an unusually small one named Marco. As an adult dog, Marco grew to just 12 lbs. At that time, Queen Victoria was a famous monarch and so the fame of the Pomeranian grew as well along with a desire for the smaller size.

Selective breeding of Pomeranian continued and over the years, the size became 7 lbs or less. So, it is knows as Teacup or people call it Teacup Pomeranians. Now, this dog is a coveted companion and pretty show dog. This dog is intelligent, lively and eager to learn. In addition, they are also willful, bold, and loyal to their owners. When they meet strangers, usually they will bark excessively. But, they are able to get along well with other animals. They are also very alert, independent, proud and curious. Generally, they are docile, even-tempered, and affectionate as well but if they are spoiled or improperly trained, they can be demanding. Because of their small size, this dog can be perfect for apartment living and the city lifestyle. Teacup Pomeranian do not need a large space to run around for daily exercise. So, an apartment will suffice.

In America, there are a lot of Pomeranian breeders. One of them is TeaCups, Puppies & Boutique. This is one of the very first puppy boutiques in the country to specialize strictly in teacup and toy breed puppies for sale. It was established in 1999 and now their 6,000 square feet luxury boutique offers a plethora of unique puppy accessories and also full service grooming salon. The puppies in Teacups, Puppies & Boutique sleep in cozy condos which are clean and cozy with warm blankets and heating pads.

They never use cages with painful metal wire flooring because they know that it can be dangerous for teacup sized puppies. There is a in-house veterinary technician who performs regular fecal examinations and ensures that every puppy is happy, eating well, and up to date on vaccinations. Besides, there is also a licensed veterinarian who visits every Friday afternoon to perform health examinations for puppies. So, if you buy a puppy from Teacup, Puppies & Boutique, you are able to rest assured that you buy a puppy which is happy, healthy and pampered. The website can be accessed at

There is also Keen Pomeranian. This is a small hobby breeder of exotic colors in the Pomeranian breed. All their adults dog are AKC dog. The exotic colours of Pomeranian include merles, white, parti, cream, merle parti, beaver, blue, chocolate, black and tan, or tri color. They also have the standard colour of high quality pet pom puppies such as orange or sable colour. If you are looking for a teacup, tiny, toy miniature or micro Pomeranian, you are able to try to search it in their website at

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