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A person who first bought Pomeranian to England in the late 17th century is Queen Charlote. At that time, it was not popular but then in 1888 Queen Victoria returned home from Italy with an unusually small one named Marco. As an adult dog, Marco grew to just 12 lbs. At that time, Queen Victoria was a popular monarch and so the fame of the Pomeranian also grew along with a desire for the smaller size.

Then, selective breeding of Pomeranian continued. Over the years, the size became 7 lbs or less so that it is known as Teacup or people call it Teacup Pomeranians. Now, this dog is a coveted companion and pretty show dog. This dog is intelligent, lively and eager to learn. Besides, they are also willful, bold, and loyal to their owners.If they meet new people, they usually will bark excessively. However, they are able to get along well with other animals. In addition, Pomeranians are also very alert, independent, proud and curious. Generally, they are docile, even-tempered, and affectionate but if they are spoiled or trained improperly, they are able to be demanding. Due to their small size, this dog can be perfect for apartment living and the city lifestyle. Teacup Pomeranian do not need a large space to run around for daily exercise.

You may have a plan to adopt or buy a Pomeranian and now you are looking for American Pomeranian club breeders listings. Here we provide those information and you can choose where you will buy the pomeranian.

  • Springwood Poms. They have a website that can be accessed at It is located at 513 Springwood Dr., Florence, AL 35634. They strive to produce a well socialized beautiful show quality pomeranian. You are able to visit the site, call them by phone at 256 757-9837 or 256 762-5958 or you can also send them email at
  • Pomarazzi Pomeranian. They strive to breed exquisite exotic color Pomeranians. They are also breed to AKC standard specializing in rare and exotic colors and blue eyes. The colors include blue, blue merle, blue tri, chocolate, lavenders and black and parti. You are able to visit the website at or you can also call them at 630-618-7203.
  • Keen Pomeranians. It is a small hobby breeder of exotic colors in the Pomeranian breed. Their adults are AKC dogs. They have the standard colors of high quality pet pom puppies. They have teddy bear faces and also some of the classic Pomeranian fox-type faces. They also provide teacup, miniature, tiny, toy or micro Pomeranian. If you want to know more, you are able to visit the website at
  • Triple Crown Pomeranians and Biewer Terrriers. You are able to visit the website at The owner if of it namely Michele Lyons is a member of the AKC Parent Club Biewer Terrier Club or America. She is also an AKC National club American Pomeranian Club and on the Board of Directors of the AKC Regional Club of Angels Pomeranian Club.

Actually, there are still more breeders of Pomeranian in America. Those are just some of them and hopefully those can be your reference for buying and adopting a puppy of pomeranian.

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